Best Drivers for Beginners of the year 2024

Drivers are the most expensive and challenging to master, but the most fun club in the bag. As a beginner, it feels amazing when you hit right on the sweet spot but also very frustrating if you will not manage to hit it well. So, it is very important to choose the drivers that best match your game. But in this vast market with different brands offering different features, it is very difficult to make a choice. Most beginners prefer drivers with a large face, high forgiveness, and launching speed properties. Also, some beginners prefer lightweight drivers that enhance their swing speed.

I remember when I was a beginner golf player how much frustrating it is to buy a new driver especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. In this guide, we take a deeper look and compare some of the best drivers available in the market that gives optimum value for your money. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at our top 6 best drivers for beginners in the year 2023 and after that.

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Our Top 3 Picks

Callaway Rouge ST Max
  • Max Forgiveness
  • Titanium Body Construction
  • Tungsten weighting
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    TaylorMade Stealth
  • Beautiful Design and good feel
  • Higher Ball Speed
  • 60x Carbon face
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    Cleveland launcher XL
  • AI Flash Face cup
  • Rebound Frame
  • Forged Steel Body
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    Our top 6 picks of Best Golf Drivers for beginners

    1. Call Away Rouge ST Max
    2. TaylorMade Stealth
    3. Cleveland Launcher XL
    4. TaylorMade Sim 2 Max
    5. Cobra RAD speed XB Driver
    6. Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver
    Brand and Iron Name Ball Speed(mph) Carry (Yards) Forgiveness Loft Spin Rate (rpm) Amazon rating
    Callaway Rouge ST Max 164 278 Max 10.5° 2064 4.7/5
    TaylorMade Stealth 165 274 Max 10.5° 2322 4.4/5
    Cleveland Launcher XL 156 272 High 10.5° 2216 4.6/5
    TaylorMade SIM 2 Max 153 272 High 10.5° 2123 4.7/5
    Cobra RadSpeed XB 143 245 Mid 10.5° 2019 4.4/5
    Tour Edge Exotics E722 140 244 Mid 10.5° 1964 5/5

    If you are a beginner and want a diver with a classy modern look that provides high forgiveness, I would strongly recommend Rouge ST Max by Callaway.

    This driver offers incredible forgiveness and increased distance. When I first hit a shot with it, I was amazed by seeing the results. Its crown and sole are made of forged carbon which makes it lightweight and the mate black finish gives it a beautiful and classy look. A tungsten weight is added to its back which further optimizes forgiveness and increases the ball spin rate.

    The technology used in Rouge ST Max

    • AI Flash Face: its flash face is made of titanium and designed with artificial intelligence. its wave-like pattern on the face results in a large sweet spot, optimizing ball speed and increasing launch.
    • Added weight on back: an added weight on the club sole with 20 g tungsten will further optimize its forgiveness and increase the rate of spin.
    • A.I Jail Break Speed Frame: its jailbreak system connects its crown to its sole with two vertical and horizontal bars. That produces more ball speed across the face.
    • Titanium unibody construction: its club face is constructed with a single piece of titanium, making it more stable and creating extra speed at impact.


    Hand Orientation Both RH/LH
    Lie 56°- 60°
    Swing Weight D4-D5
    Loft 9°,10.5°,12°

    Reason to buy

    • Large sweet spot
    • Good feel and sound
    • Lightweight and easy to swing
    • High forgiveness

    Reason to avoid

    • Does not include adjustment tools
    • Strong draw bias

    Final Remarks

    Rouge ST Max is perfect for players which are not consistence with ball hit and needs a lot of forgiveness and who struggle with the ball launching high. But if you are a player that doesn’t require draw bias then you should consider other options in the market.

    TaylorMade is a renowned brand making golf equipment for decades and with the launch of stealth, they have announced that the era of titanium is over and the future is carbon.

    They have made the club face with 60 layers of carbon which provides a nice forgiving and speed distance. The layered structure of its club face produces more impact, more speed, and more distance. The stealth provides built-in draw bias. When we tested stealth, we noticed that most of our shots ended on the left of the target. Its crown and sole are made of carbon which helps in reducing its weight.

    Technologies used in TaylorMade Stealth:

    • Nano Texture Cover: its face is covered with a layer of polyurethane that gives it a soft touch and optimizes launch and spin in wet and dry seasons.
    • 60x carbon face: stealth club face is comprised of 60 layers of carbon arranged in a way to maximize ball speed and distance and it is 35% lighter than the titanium face club.
    • Asymmetric inertia generator: its club sole is designed in a way that increases club head speed and lowers its CG for increased stability.
    • Thru Slot Speed Pocket: its speed pocket design increased its sole flexibility which optimizes ball speed and forgiveness.
    Hand Orientation Both LH/RH
    Lie 56°- 60°
    Swing Weight D4-D5
    Loft 9°,10.5°,12°

    Reason to buy

    • Fast and strong performance
    • Explosive read head face
    • Consistent performance to stay in fairways
    • Good sound and solid feel on impact

    Reason to avoid

    • Not inspiring looks
    • Less draw bias

    Final Remarks

    The TaylorMade Stealth is a nice forgiving Driver with a good sound and solid feel that beginners can swing with confidence. It also provides a higher launch, more distance, and decent draw bias. But its looks may not attract some players who prefer more traditional looks.

    3. Cleveland launcher XL

    Cleveland has hit the mark with its other top-rated product Launcher XL. With its lightweight shaft, nice forgiving head, and beautiful design, I had to say that it is ideal for beginners with a moderate swing.

    During our testing of launcher xl, we found out that its super light shaft results in a fast swing which increased the ball speed and distance. Its head is designed to offer decent forgiveness and a higher spin rate that keeps the ball in the air for longer. With their low price, they are perfect for players who have budget issues and still want a driver that competes with famous brands like TaylorMade and Callaway.

    Technologies used in Cleveland Launcher XL:

    • XL Head Design: the length of its head is increased by 6%. A bigger head means greater MOI, more carry distance, and more forgiveness.
    • Adjustable Holes: you can adjust your loft holes according to your game needs which further optimizes your shot shape and swing. You can adjust lofts from 9 to 12 degrees.
    • Action Mass CB: there is an 8 grams of weight added to the grip which provides stability and control.
    • Rebound Frame: with rebound frame technology launcher XL provides more flex, increasing ball speed and distance.


    Hand Orientation Both LH/RH
    Lie 58.5°- 60°
    Swing Weight D3
    Loft 9°,10.5°,12°

    Reason to buy

    • Lightweight shaft
    • Low Price
    • Beautiful head design
    • Modern looks and premium finish

    Reason to avoid

    • No adjustable holes
    • Loud sound on impact

    Final Remarks

    Cleveland launcher XL is a great product for beginners who wants a product that gives compatible results like those big brands but at a lower price. However, its bigger head and high-pitched sound may cause problems for some players.

    TaylorMade SIM 2 Max is much similar to SIM but with the added weight on the back, it gives more ball speed, more distance, and higher forgiveness. TaylorMade has done a great job with Sim 2 Max’s beautiful design at such an affordable price.

    Its forged 6-layer carbon crown helps it to provide maximum forgiveness and further reduces its weight.

    Technologies used in Taylor SIM 2 Max:

    • Forged Ring Construction: a ring of high-strength aluminum wraps around the back of the club which decreases its weight and increases forgiveness.
    • Asymmetric inertia generator: Sim 2 Max club head is designed in a way that increases club speed and shifts the center of gravity backward.
    • Thru Slot Speed Pocket: its speed slot pocket is designed in a way that increases sole flexibility which maximizes ball speed and increases forgiveness.
    • Split Mass Weighting: 24g weight of tungsten is added to the back of the club increasing forgiveness, more MOI, and a straighter account.


    Hand Orientation Both LH/RH
    Lie 56°- 60°
    Swing Weight D4
    Loft 9°,10.5°,12°

    Reason to buy

    • More forgiveness than other variants
    • Loft and loft steering options
    • More ball flight and more distance

    Reason to avoid

    • Less adjustable
    • Cost

    Final Remarks

    SIM 2 Max is perfect for those players who prefer forgiveness and distance at an affordable price and helps them to do great in fairways. But its vibrant blue color may not be eye-catching for some players.

    Cobra rad XB should be on your list of testing if you are going to buy drivers in the market. It comes in three variants but XB is the most forgiving and thus best suitable for beginners. Its club has large footprints thus providing max forgiveness and shot distance. The sound and feeling of impact are really solid and powerful.

    I love the looks of cobra RAD XB with its color combo and matt black finish with not so many graphics and simple and sleek design. its wrap-around face helps in framing the ball nicely. When I tested cobra Rad XB I am amazed to see that most of my swings go for draws and

    The technology used in Cobra rad XB:

    • Radial Weighting: cobra has put the 8-g front and 20-gram back weight and by increasing the distance between these weights they have optimized ball speed and lower spin without compromising on forgiveness.
    • T-Bar Speed Chassis: its chassis is designed in the shape of a which is 7gram lighter and put weight forward in the clubhead further increasing ball speed and lowering the ball spin.
    • Thin-Ply Carbon Wrap Crown: the crown of RAD XB is made of thin carbon fiber which is 30% lighter and reduces the 6g weight of the club head to optimize its performance.
    • CNC Milled Infinity Face: they have used an infinity edge face design which increases the milled area by 95% which increases the sweet spot.


    Hand Orientation Both LH/RH
    Lie 57.50°- 59.50°
    Swing Weight D2.5-D3.5
    Loft 9°,10.5°,12°

    Reason to buy

    • Outstanding distance
    • Exceptional Forgiveness
    • Unmatched Sound and Feel
    • High MOI

    Reason to avoid

    • Not much great grip feels
    • Little low-launch angels

    Final Remarks

    If you are beginners who don’t drive the ball well and want a driver with forgiveness and decent looks who doesn’t kill your wallet then you should consider cobra RAD XB. However, this driver is not best suited for workability and it took some effort to do so.

    If you are a person who loves to build distance in fairways then tour edge exotics is the best choice for you with its steel face it offers the best flexing at impact. As their name suggests they are best known for making tour style clubs and believe me they don’t disappoint in this club. They use carbon fiber to make its crown which further reduces its weight and lowers its center of gravity.

    Its face club comes with a variable thickness pattern which makes a diamond shape and offers maximum forgiveness on a wide area of the face. 30-gram weight is added on the rear side of the sole which maximizes its forgiveness and distance.

    The technology used in Tour Edge Exotics E722:

    • Ridgeback Technology: it uses a ridgeback spine to connect its face and toe which results in more shot speed and power.
    • Carbon Wrap Technology: it features 34% more carbon
      Carbon Wrap technology replaced extra Titanium from the crown and sole with an extreme wrap-around design that features 34% more carbon fiber
    • 30-Gram Back Weight: An extreme weighting design features a 30-gram weight at the extreme trailing edge on the sole of the club head.
    • Diamond Face: its face is comprised of 61 diamond faces arranged in a waving pattern to ensure that you get maximum distance from all over the face.


    Hand Orientation Only 12° are not available in LH
    Lie 59°- 62°
    Swing Weight D4-D5
    Loft 9.5°,10.5°,12°

    Reason to buy

    • Max forgiveness
    • Good-Feel and mighty sound
    • Beautiful modern design

    Reason to avoid

    • Miss hit higher on the clubface tends to go high and short

    Final Remarks

    Tour exotic edge provides the best value for money and is the best choice for beginners who wants a forgiving drive at a low price.

    Factors to consider while buying Golf Drivers

    With so many brands in the market, it is quite frustrating to choose the right drivers that match your gameplay especially if you do not know your requirements. Generally, beginners should consider drivers with an all-around performance, high forgiveness, lightweight, and easy to swing.

    We are professional and experienced golf players who have played golf for over. Our golf testing process is comprised of two steps indoor testing and outdoor testing. We also attend the launching ceremony of different golf products.

    Head Size

    Drivers with large head sizes are designed to offer high launch, more ball speed, and incredible forgiveness. Larger head sizes have large sweet spots and won’t punish you for a miss hit and are the best choice for amateurs.


    Forgiveness is one of the most crucial factors, especially for beginners as their inexperience leads to more often miss hits. Having a certain degree of forgiveness in your driver is very important as a minor miss hit results in poor shots.

    Forgiveness is divided into two types,

    Ball speed forgiveness

    Refers to the amount of speed decreased as a result of a miss hit. Modern drivers with high forgiveness lost only a few yards in case of a mishit.

    Directional forgiveness

    Refers to the amount of shot deviation from the target in case of a miss hit. This is directly related to MOI. Today most modern drivers came with high MOI resulting in more stable shots.


    The shaft can greatly improve your overall game performance because it directly influences your swing speed, feels, and trajectory. However, choosing the right shaft is a personal preference.

    When choosing a shaft, you should consider two factors shaft weight and flex.

    Heavy shafts result in low swing speed and low launch. However lightweight shafts result in an excessive spin speed and less control over precise hits.

    The flex of the shaft is determined by how much your shaft bends on impact and it normally depends on your swing speed. Generally, the more spin speed the lower the shaft flex is. However, as a beginner, you should experiment with different shafts and choose the shaft with the right flex that suits your game.

    Your gameplay

    The first and most important thing is to know what is your playing style and what kind of Driver best suits your game. If you are serious about improving your game you should seriously consider a Driver design that fits your requirements because choosing the right set of Drivers can enhance your gameplay.
    Generally, high handicappers love to use Drivers that offer more distance and maximum forgiveness with a large Driver head. On the other hand, mid-low handicappers don’t bother about forgiveness and prefer forged Driver blades that offer more feel, good impact sound and shot control. However, there are Driver models that are designed to fulfill both handicapper’s requirements.

    Therefore, before buying Drivers, you should consider your game style, ball-striking ability, and the level of forgiveness you want from your Drivers.

    cavity back Driver

    cavity back driver’s heads come with a hollow construction on their back that offers more forgiveness in terms of distance and is an ideal choice for novice players who have just started their game.

    Nowadays introducing cavity back and perimeter weighting allows Drivers to have a lower center of gravity and higher MOI allowing mid-handicappers to score better. These Drivers came with game improvement features and also provide a feel and shot control that professional player seeks.

    your Handicap range

    can give you a clear hint about what kind of Driver best suits your gameplay.
    Normally high-end handicapper chooses Drivers with large and thick club head sizes that offer more forgiveness and distance.
    And handicappers with mid to low-end range opt for a Driver that provides more shot control and feels instead of forgiveness.

    The Distance

    you should also consider the shot distance that each Driver offers. Distance depends on two factors the club design and the loft. The club head design itself is a major factor in distance and forgiveness based on the size of the sweet spot that it offers


    Generally, all big brands make top-notch Drivers that can improve your gameplay. It’s totally up to you what your requirements are and what model perfectly suits them.
    However, Mizuno, Callaway, TaylorMade, Srixon, and Cobra are some fantastic brands that are making some quality and game improvement Drivers.


    Product price is a very important factor as not everyone could afford a 1000$ or above price and some options cost below that price range. Driver prices vary dramatically between brands and are totally up to your budget and requirements.
    When it comes to Driver prices there is no guarantee that you can perform well with a 2000$ Driver or with a 550$ Driver. So, don’t worry about buying high price brands if you have if you have low budget however I must say that you shouldn’t buy a brand under 500$ price.
    We have included brands with different prices so it is totally up to your requirements and budget.

    Custom Fit

    No matter if you are a newbie or a pro at the game custom fit is the most essential part of buying Drivers.
    Custom fitting will give you a clear idea about your lie angle, shaft length, reflexes, and what Driver best suits your gameplay. This process finishes off with a perfect model that suits your gameplay.
    If you are a beginner and do not know your gameplay well custom fitting can be an intimidating process but it provides the best results and is a vital part of the buying process. First You should pick four to five Drivers’ heads and then choose among the Driver’s heads that best suit your game.


    Drivers are one of the most essential pieces of equipment in golf and understanding which driver best suits your gameplay is essential because that can boost your game performance drastically. As a beginner, Callaway Rouge ST Max is the best choice for those who want unmatchable forgiveness and highball launching. But if you are a player who prefers modern technology and looks without compromising on forgiveness then TaylorMade Stealth should be at top of your list last but not least players with a low-budget who have a low budget but do not compromise on performance then Cleveland launcher xl is the best choice for those players.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    The best driver for beginners is the ones with a big face and a large sweet spot that provide the maximum forgiveness even on the miss hits without compromising the performance. in our opinion, the Callaway Rouge St Max is the best driver for high handicappers.


    Beginners should use drivers with a loft of 10.5 or higher as the Higher the loft of a driver the more forgiveness it provides. Some drivers came with adjustable loft sleeves.


    Forgiveness is measured as the drop in speed as a result of a miss hit. Club head with a large face, big sweet spot, and higher MOI provides more forgiveness, and beginners should go for that kind of driver.


    The term forgiveness means the ability of a driver to provide maximum distance even on the miss hits. it is an important factor to consider while purchasing a driver for yourself. Forgiveness is a really important factor for beginners and average players who tend to miss hit a lot.


    sweet spot is the optimum point on your driver on which hitting you will get the maximum ball speed and distance. Beginners normally struggle on hitting this sweet spot so they should go for a forgiving driver who provides maximum forgiveness even on missed hits.

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