Best Golf Grip in 2023 with Prime Feel and Comfort

A comprehensive guide to Best Golf Grips Available in 2023

Best Golf Grip

The only connection point between your hand and the club is your club grip. So, finding the best grip that matches your hand size and adds a little extra to your club swing will boost your confidence. According to USGA, the grip’s primary purpose is to provide a firm hold so that the player’s hand does not slip or twist. However, some grips slip on your hand when they became wet and some of them don’t feel right in your hand. If your club grip is bothering you and making you uncomfortable you will never hit your perfect shots. As Everyone knows that negative thoughts in your mind while hitting the shot could kill your performance. So we provide a comprehencive guide with details to buy 9 Best golf grip in 2023

As a professional player, I know that it is a quite bothersome process to purchase the best golf grip that suits your gameplay and makes you easy and comfortable. I have purchased and used countless grips as I am a golf player who is always looking for something best. However, it is equally important to know how to place your hand right on the golf grip. You could also go for a customized golf grip that best matches your hand. I have looked into and reviewed almost every golf grip available in the market and give you my top 10 recommendations for golf grips and discuss the best features and benefits of every one of them. 

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Our top 10 picks of best golf grips in 2023

Here are our top 10 picks of the golf grips that we think are the best. You can purchase any grip among our picks that seems best to you.

  • Golf pride MCC Plus 4
  • Lamkin crossline golf grip
  • Winn dri-tac golf grip
  • Super stroke cross comfort
  • Champkey Traxion x
  • Golf pride cp2 pro
  • Lamkin comfort plus
  • Karma velvet ribbed golf grip
  • Saplize CC01 golf grip
  • Super stroke 

The golf pride MCC plus 4 has revolutionized the grip industry with its multi-material construction and is our no 1 recommendation for a golf grip. This grip provides the best traction and control due to the brushed cotton technology that blends in the outer layer of the top half grip. While its lower half is made with synthetic rubber that provides prime feeling and comfort.

The “plus-4” stands for the fact that its lower grip is 4” extra thick on the bottom which eases your hand grip and smooths your club swing. Sand bar texture is added to the surface of the grip which provides unmatchable firmness and traction in all weather conditions. The best part of this grip is its graphics which allow you to easily align your hand on the grip. However, its price is pretty high compared to our other options available in the market.


  • Larger Lower Hand: The large outside diameter stimulates the feel of building up the grip with extra wraps. This reduced taper encourages lighter grip pressure resulting in more power and fluidity.
  • All Weather Control: This grip is made with soft rubber material that makes it dry even during the wet season.
  • Maximum Surface Texture: its surface texture is strategically designed and placed on the grip to increase hand traction and comfort.
  • Inverted Cone Technology (ICT): they use variable face thickness which results in increased shot speed.


Standard Polyurethane Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Gray 52g
Midsize Polyurethane Gray, Blue 66g
Undersize Polyurethane Gray 47g
Jumbo Polyurethane Gray 82g

Reason to Buy

  • Maximum traction
  • Nice feel and grip
  • Variety of sizes
  • Best for wet conditions

Reason to avoid

  • Limited color choices
  • Texture can be rough

In the second position is the Lamkin crossline golf grip which is pretty popular in the market and is one of the best budget golf grips. This grip came in three different sizes and color options. The best thing that I like about this grip is its traction and stability in all weather conditions which is due to the densely spaced surface patterns.

This grip is manufactured with a special synthetic rubber that gives you a firmer feeling and less tackiness and is ideal for players who don’t like a soft feeling. This grip provides you with more stability and shot control due to its firmness. They are more durable than any other grip and serve you for quite a time.


  • Densely Spaced surface pattern: its densely spaced textures are distributed on the grip’s surface, increasing traction and feel.
  • Firmer Grip Compound: its grip is made with synthetic rubber which provides superior torsion control and best-shot feedback.
  • Durable in All weather conditions: its Densely spaced surface texture promotes good swing speed and lighter grip pressure which leads to maximum shot distance.


Standard Synthetic Rubber Blue, Gray, White, and Black 50g
Midsize Synthetic Rubber Blue, Gray, White, and Black 62g
Jumbo Synthetic Rubber Blue, Gray, White, and Black 76g

Reason to buy

  • Soft and tacky feel
  • Durable
  • Best Budget
  • Works well on both iron and drivers

Reason to avoid

  • Limited color option

As one of the leading brands, Winn is the first manufacturer in the market who made premium grips made with polymer. Due to being made with polymer, they are the best tackier grips that performed well even in wet conditions. Winn grips are 50% lighter than other grips which provide easy swing and more club swing speed. This grip has a less tapered profile that lower the pressure on the hand and you can easily control your shots.

The best thing that I love about this grip is its larger lower profile so players even with joint pain or hand injuries can play with this grip. These grips provide more traction and tackiness that will result in good handhold this traction even seems to increase in wet conditions due to the polymer material. So, if you are a player who loves to play in rainy seasons these grips will give you confidence that your hand will not slip no matter what.


  • Winn Polymer technology: Winn research and technology wing developed a new polymer material that provides the best-improved feel and traction.
  • Light Weight Technology: Winn polymer material is 50% lighter than other grip materials which promote more swing speed and good shot feedback.
  • Less Tapered Profile: These grips are made with a less-tapped profile that provides lighter grip pressure and good shot control.
  • Best For Arthritis and hand pain injuries: Winn Dri-Tac grips are made with large lower profiles which promotes a lighter grip and is best for players with a hand injury or arthritis.


Standard Polymer Red, Gray, Blu 48g
Midsize Polymer Gray, Blue, Navy 49g
Junior Polymer Blue 28g
Oversize Polymer Gray, Blue 50g

Reason to buy

  • Excellent water absorption
  • Good and firm feel
  • Soft feel
  • More color options

Reason to avoid

  • Too soft for some players
  • Low hand traction

Super stroke is mostly known for putter grips however they have also produced some best-value golf grips like cross comfort. This grip provides the right amount of softness and tackiness due to its cross-taction technology. This grip came in four sizes with multiple color options so you can easily choose the one you like. Due to its cross-shaped texture, it provides the best traction even in wet conditions.

This grip came in two layers construction the outer layer is made with polyurethane that provides you softness and comfort. While the inner layer is made firmer that provides you with shot stability and feedback. if you are a player who loves to play golf even when the heavens open then this grip is for you due to its unmatchable traction in wet conditions.


  • Taper Control Technology: Cross Comfort is made with taper control technology which promotes even hand pressure on the grip resulting in a faster swing.
  • Cross-Traction Technology: cross-shaped textures are evenly distributed on cross-comfort surfaces which provides high traction and excellent control even in wet conditions.
  • Torsional Technology: its grip is made with multiple layers the outer layer is soft and tacky which provides a firmer grip and the hard inner layer provides stability and feedback.


Standard Polyurethane Red, Gray, Pink, Blue 48g
Midsize Polyurethane Red, Gray, Pink, Blue 49g
Undersize Polyurethane Red, Gray, Pink, Blue 35g
Jumbo Polyurethane Red, Gray, Pink, Blue 50g

Reason to buy

  • Good quality grip
  • Variety of color options
  • Soft and tacky feeling
  • Good control of shots

Reason to avoid

  • Soft feel does not for everyone

Champkey traction x is the best budget golf grip that provides you with the best value for your money. These grips provide you with the just right amount of traction with its texture control technology. This grip came in four color options the combination of black with other colors gives a classical and decent look. Its taper profile reduces the grip pressure so you don’t have to put extra force during club swing.

However, it’s one major drawback that your hand slips off the grip in wet conditions so this is not an ideal grip to play with during rainy seasons.


  • Proprietary Rubber Material: Champkey’s R&D department has made a new rubber material that provides accurate feedback and a good feel.
  • Texture Control Technology: three different kinds of texture are distributed on the surface of champkey traction x which provides maximum traction and firmer hand grip.
  • Taper Profile: its taper profile promotes light grip pressure and evenly distributes the pressure in both hands resulting in more powerful swings.


Standard Proprietary Rubber Material Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/White, White/Blue 48g
Midsize Proprietary Rubber Material Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/White, White/Blue 49g

Reason to buy

  • Best Budget
  • Variety of color choices
  • Perfect for beginners

Reason to avoid

  • Does not perform well in wet conditions

Golf pride CP2 pro is high quality and high-performance golf grip design to provide comfort and feel. This grip provides the best tacky feeling and softness. The grip is designed with a reduced taper profile, which provides lighter grip pressure. CP2 pro texture pattern on the surface enhances grip performance by providing a secure, non-slip surface in any weather conditions. This grip is featured the control core stabilizer which reduces swing pressure and club move faster. This grip came in all four sizes so you can choose the on that fits your hand size best.


  • Control Core Stabilizer: CP2 Pro features a 2.5” inner core on the back side of the grip which reduces swing torque resulting in faster swings.
  • Reduced Taper Design: its reduce taper profile promotes less grip pressure on the hands and results in more powerful swings.
  • High tacky material: CP2 pro grip is made with a soft and tacky rubber material for a good feel and comfort.


Standard Polyurethane Black and Red 50g
Midsize Polyurethane Black and Red 63g
Undersize Polyurethane Black and Red 45g
Jumbo Polyurethane Black and Red 80g

Reason to buy

  • Best Hand Alignment
  • Works well even in wet condition
  • Good tacky feeling

Reason to avoid

  • Limited Colors

Lamkin is a top-notch brand mostly known for top-quality and premium grips and they have not been disappointed with this grip either. This grip has featured special DSX material that gives it the best tacky and soft feel. This soft tacky material provides good shock absorption and hence reduces the stress on your hand. Its shallow micro-texture design provides you with just the right amount of traction and doesn’t put extra pressure on your hand grip. These grips are the popular choice for skilled golfers due to their comfort and durability. It also features a lower taper design that provides even pressure on both hands resulting in good control and faster swing.


  • Lamkin’s DSX material: Lamkin’s R&D team has developed a special DSX Material that provides the best soft feel and is used in cross comfort.
  • shallow micro-texture Design: this grip surface is made with the right amount of texture not too dense not too light resulting in the right surface traction with a soft feel and comfort.
  • Lower Taper Design: its slightly larger lower hand profile provides even pressure on both hands resulting in good control and faster swing.


Standard Lamkin DSX Black, Green, Gray 53g
Midsize Lamkin DSX Black, Green, Gray 63g
Undersize Lamkin DSX Black, Green, Gray 57g

Reason to buy

  • Durable
  • Good Hand Traction
  • Excellent Shot Control

Reason to avoid

  • Tackiness is not best for everyone
  • Limited color options

If you are a golf player and have a budget issue but stills want a great grip that can improve your game then this grip is for you. It’s a ribbed profile grip that provides the best control, stability, and non-slip grip even during the rainy season. it is made with a soft rubber compound that makes it comfortable and reduces stress on your hand. However, this grip only came in standard so if you are not comfortable with this size you have to think about other options. The grip is durable and long-lasting so it is a good investment for players with budget issues.

Wilson D9 forged face flexes more, generating more impact and ball speed allowing it to achieve more distance. D9’s forged body makes it lightweight and easy to swing. The overall face is compact with a shorter blade and a thin topline despite this it offers a pretty decent ball speed and shot distance.


  • Soft Rubber Material: these grips are made with a soft rubber material which provides the best tacky and soft hand grip.
  • Ribbed Design: the karma velour grips came in a ribbed design that provides the best hand alignment and secure hand position.
  • Classical Body Design; Karma Velour came in a classical and beautiful body design that provides both lighter hand grip and comfort. 


Standard Soft rubber compound Black and Gray 48g

Reason to buy

  • Best Valued Product
  • Provides good hand grip in all weather conditions
  • Soft and comfortable

Reason to avoid

  • Limited color and sizes options

SAPLIZE CC01 Golf Grip is an excellent choice for players looking to improve their game through better grip and comfort. These grips are made of synthetic rubber material which provides a good feel and tackiness. There are Special anti-skid patterns drawn on it which improve traction and promote firm grip. These grips came in 13 pcs and 15 pcs of the set, a grip solvent, a rubber vise clamp, and a golf hook blade. Even for a reasonable price, they are quite durable and long-lasting.


  • High-Quality Rubber material: Saplize CC01 is made with a special rubber material that provides a tacky and soft feeling and provides good shot feedback.
  • All-Weather Performance: it’s made with a special synthesize rubber material that provides high traction and no-slip grip in all weather conditions.
  • Sane Texture Design: they used a sane amount of texture on the surface of CC01 Grip providing adequate traction where needed in the grip.


Standard Rubber Material Black, Green, Gray 53g
Midsize Rubber Material Black, Green, Gray 63g
Undersize Lamkin DSX Black, Green, Gray 57g

Reason to buy

  • Affordable
  • Best tacky feeling
  • Comes with a solvent kit and tapes

Reason to avoid

  • Fewer size options

Super Stroke S-Tech Cord grips are designed to provide control and stability. its cross-traction texture pattern provides a secure grip, even in wet conditions, helping to improve shot accuracy and control. these grips are made of a soft synthetic rubber material that is designed to absorb shock and reduce hand fatigue during play. They are also lightweight and soft so that you will feel minimum pressure on your hand while swinging the club. In addition, its lower taper profile promotes faster spin and further reduces pressure on your hand. However, these grips came only in standard size and offer two color options which are not appealing to large no of players.


  • Taper Control Technology: A lower taper profile promotes even hand pressure resulting in faster spin and low grip pressure.
  • Cross-Traction (S-Tech): A crossed-shape texture distributes evenly on the surface of the grip that provides good traction and hand grip even in wet conditions.
  • Synthetic rubber compound: super stroke S-Tech grip is made with a special synthetic rubber material that offers a tacky feeling, comfort, and shot stability.


Standard Soft rubber material White, Black 50g

Reason to buy

  • Special-engineered rubber material for tackiness and comfort
  • Beautiful and classical design
  • Perform well even in wet conditions
  • Best valued

Reason to avoid

  • Limited size options

Buying Guide

Replacing old grips with new ones is quite difficult as you have to choose from a large no of brands and especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.  We will describe some factors that you should consider while purchasing new golf grips.

Grip Size

As the name suggested this refers to how big your grip is. Grip came in different sizes and that can affect your game dramatically. Finding a grip that matches your hand size and feels comfortable is essential as it is the connection point of your hand and club. If your hand is small and you purchased a jumbo size grip and on the other hand your hand is large and you purchased a small grip in both cases the grip is not going to fit in your hand perfectly and your performance will decrease.

If you don’t know which grip size best fits your hand you should try different sizes to see which grip size fits you the most. However, this is not always true some players with small hand feels comfortable with jumbo grips and this is also true in reverse. It depends on your feel and gameplay so you can take any size of grip according to your choice.

Grip types

There are four different types of grips available in the market namely, ribbed, cord, wrapped, and hybrid. This classification is made on the texture that is used to make the grip. Some grips are tacky and soft while some are firm and solid depending on texture type. You should choose the one that feels best for you.

There is no thumb of rule that you should choose this grip or that one. Different players have different choices. Some prefer a soft and tacky feeling while others go for solid. If you are a player who loves a soft feel then he should choose cord or hybrid grips on the other hand if you are a player who wants a solid feel and shot feedback he should consider ribbed grips.


Budget is an important factor to consider as at the end of the day it is your purchasing power that’s goanna affects your decision. The price of a grip affects its quality and performance. As cheaper grips are made up of cheaper materials and perform poorly on the other hand high priced grips are made up of expensive materials and perform exceptionally. However, a general thumb of rule is that you should purchase grips within the price range of $30 to $50. These grips have a decent amount of features and quality at a decent price.


Size does matter some players have small hands and some have large hands. So, you have to choose golf grips according to your hand size. So should test and do research before buying a grip to make sure that what you are purchasing is the right one for your hands. Lots of grips came in different shapes and sizes you should try most of the options and should go for the one that your hand feels most comfortable with.


Feel is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a golf grip. The different types of grips provide you with a different feel. The feel of a grip depends upon the material that is used in manufacturing those grips. 

The corded grips feel rougher and firmer and provide you with more feedback on the shot. While on the other hand, a rubber grip provides more tackiness, comfort, and shock absorption. Whoever there are grips available in the market that provide a soft feel as well as shot feedback to some extent. We have discussed those options as well.

At last, how your grip should feel is your personal preference. If you are a player who opts for a firm and rough feel then you should go for a coded grip. On the other hand, if you are a player who loves a soft and tacky feeling then you should purchase a rubber grip.


We have discussed some of the best options for the golf grips available in the market. Any grip from our list will perform well. However, if you want me to choose one product from our list then in my opinion Golf pride MCC Plus 4 is the best option available in the market. If you have a budget issue you can go for Champkey traction x as this grip provides you with the best value for your money and is budget-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Change the Grip of Your Club?

Here we will provide you a step-by-step easy guide on how to change your club grip by yourself at your home.
•cut older grip with a blade
•remove the tape on the shaft with a knife
•measure the tape to the exact length of your grip
•wrap the tape around your club shaft
•add the solvent inside the grip and on the tape
•slide the grip on the shaft
that’s all now you are ready to go with your club.

Which is the best golf grip for accuracy?

In my opinion, Super S Tech Cord is the best grip for accuracy as this grip provides you with a firm hand grip and solid control over your club.

Which is the best golf grip for mid-handicappers?

The Lamkin Crossline golf grip is best suited for mid-handicappers as it provides a more solid feel, good feedback, and lesser tackiness resulting in good control over your club. Due to these features, this is the best option for mid-handicappers.

Which is the best golf grip for drivers?

As drivers are the biggest and most important club in your set. They need grips that provide feedback and control over your club. So win-dri tec is the best option for your drivers.

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