Best Irons for Mid Handicappers 2023

We take a look at the best irons Available for mid handicap and Average Players

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Are you getting confused about buying new golf iron that matches your gameplay? Don’t worry we pick a list of the best Irons for Mid Handicappers which fulfill your requirements. Buying new Golf irons is the most expensive and bothersome part of buying golf equipment. Especially when you don’t know what your requirements are and this is also true in the mid-handicap sector as well. The progressive players looked for iron that offer a good feel and more control over shots. However, newbies prefer Irons that are more forgiving. what do you prefer forgiveness, design, or shot distance?

As a professional golf player, I remember the troubles I have to go through while buying a new iron set when I was immature. However, with years of experience, I and my four other buddies have tested, trialed, and reviewed more than dozens of iron handicaps. and here is my top pick of the best Irons for Mid Handicappers available in the market. Some offer the best design and feel, some give good shot control, while others provide forgiveness.

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Our Top Picks of Best Irons for Mid-Handicappers

Here are our top picks of the best mid-handicap golf irons that we have tested and reviewed with many years of professional experience.

Mizuno jpx921 Mizuno Jpx921
Beautiful and compact design, Max ball speed and Forgiveness, and Chrome Forged Body
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Callaway Apex DCB Callaway Apex DCB
AI Flash Face cup, Latest technology, and Forged steel body
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router TaylorMade Stealth
Max Forgiveness, Echo Damping System, and Inverted Cone Technology
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Brand and Iron name Loft Forgiveness Shot Workability Ball speed Carry distance Amazon rating
Mizuno Jpx921 21°-50° High Mid 125mph 188yds 4.5/5
Callaway Apex DCB 20°-48° High Mid 123mph 187yds 4.5/5
TaylorMade Stealth 18.5°-59° High Mid 129mph 187yds 4.6/5
Srixon ZX5 20°-50° High Low 120mph 185yds 4.6/5
TaylorMade Sim 2 Max 19°-59° High Mid 123mph 184yds 4.4/5
Callaway Rouge ST Max 18.5°-56° High Low 121mph 183yds 4.6/5
Cleveland Launcher XL 20°-48° High Low 123mph 183yds 5/5
Wilson D9 Forged 18°-53° High Low 119mph 180yds 4.3/5
Cobra King Forged TEC 19°-49° Mid Low 122mph 170yds 5/5
Honma TR20 P 19°-50° Mid Low 120mph 170yds 4.6/5

Mizuno JPX921 Forged (best irons for 20 handicap)


Length: 32.25″-38.5″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 60°- 63° | Offset:  0.091-0.15 | Loft: 21°-50°

Mizuno JPX921 Forged is a benchmark in terms of quality. Since I have used Mizuno, I am in love with it especially the soft feel and good sound that it provides with its beautiful forged body. JPX921 gives more turf interaction and stronger loft due to its u-shaped sole and forged metal head. you will be able to shape away the ball in both directions and the forged body allow you to achieve high ball speed.

The Mizuno JPX921 comes in with a pearl finish and a very small amount of chrome added to its body Which makes it more beautiful in touch and feel. Additionally, a weighted toe allows it to maximize its shot performance and frame stability.

Except for all this jpx921 forged has a very nice blade length, a sacrificed edge, and less offset. The overall feel of Mizuno jpx921 is of a traditional forged iron.

Technologies incorporated in Mizuno JPX921

  • Grain Flow Forging HD: JPX921 body is forged with Chromoly 4120 material with the help of its grain flow forging technology that allows it to precisely distribute its weight for achieving high distance and forgiveness
  • Sleeker and compact design: Mizuno stated that its jpx921 is half a millimeter thinner than its predecessors which increases the spin of the blade and higher shot speed.
  • Weighting toe club: Mizuno did a great job in adding more weight to the toe of the jpx921 club resulting in clean hits coming off the face of the club and more directed toward the target.
Reasons to Buy
Reasons to Avoid

Final Remarks

Overall Mizuno JPX921 is a quality-driven iron with a beautiful forged feeling, and a slim head, that provides good shot control and game improvement features. But if you are an armature player who prefers forgiveness overshot control, you should consider other options.


Length: 35.25″-38.5″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 60.5°- 64° | Offset:  5.08-2.79 | Loft: 20°-48°

Callaway has produced some of the best irons in the market and Callaway apex is no exception. I am not a Callaway lover but the apex brand even makes me like them. Apex is the best choice for mid-handicappers who wants a fine blend of distance and forgiveness with feel and looks.

The latest apex design provides better turf interaction and a sharper divot than its previous model. The body of the Callaway apex is forged with carbon steel that provides a good feel and a beautiful design. The iron is forged and the mid-size sole provides easy turf interaction. I love the lightweight stock shaft that allows it to swing faster.

Technologies that have been embedded in Callaway apex

  • Prime quality forged steel: Callaway apex body is forged with 1025 carbon steel that helps to reduce vibration without compromising on design and feel.
  • Tungsten Energy Core: Callaway added tungsten in its mid and long iron that positions its center of gravity low, allowing it to achieve more shot distance with added forgiveness.
  • A.I.-based flash face cup: its face cup contains complex architecture which is designed with state-of-the-art A.I. technology that allows it to achieve more distance, high ball speed, and low spin.
Reasons to Buy
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Final Remarks

If you are a mid-handicapper that wants more shot speed and forgiveness and don’t concerned about spin rate and high-end game improvements then Callaway apex is the best choice for you. Overall apex has great improvements and no such major weaknesses.

Length: 39.125″-35″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 61.5°- 64.5° | Offset:  5.8-1.5 | Loft: 18.5°-59°

TaylorMade has produced stealth irons with a thinner face that provides tons of distance speed and forgiveness. I have tried TaylorMade stealth irons and they are easy to hit and handle the shot. TaylorMade provides lofted and strong shots with 7 iron sittings and 28 degrees.

TaylorMade stealth irons are the first choice for Higher mid-handicappers due to increased distance and high launch speed shots. Its design purpose is to take you from the fairway to green

Technologies that TaylorMade used in stealth irons

  • Cap with toe wrap: Its designer designs its new cap back that wrap around its toe resulting in a low center of gravity that puts more weight on the sole which provides more flex and distance
  • Speed slot technology: TaylorMade uses this technology on the sole of the club which allows its face to flex resulting in high ball speed and more forgiveness.
  • Echo damping system: They use contact points throughout the face that reduced unwanted vibrations and provide a forged iron-like feeling.
  • Inverted Cone Technology (ICT): they use variable face thickness which results in increased shot speed
Reasons to Buy
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Final Thoughts

If you are a TaylorMade brand lover and looking for an iron that provides distance and forgiveness and does not care about control into greens then stealth iron should be at top of your consideration. But most stealth iron users love its performance.

Length: 39″-35.5″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 60°- 63.5° | Offset: 5.08-2.79 | Loft: 20°-50°

Srixon is one of the most known brands of golf equipment manufacturer and they have targeted a wider range of players with their zx5 irons. With the zx5’s medium sole width and compact design, they offer improved game distance and more forgiveness than its predecessor zx4.

Even after adding mass to its sole, it does not look bulky at all and even enhances its shot shaping and distance-achieving ability. Overall looks of zx5 are like traditional irons but the angular cavity of its curved club will draw some attention.

Srixon ZX5 technologies

  • Mainframe Construction: zx5 uses its AI-based mainframe technology to design its club face with variance thickness that allows it to achieve more shot speed, controlled launch, and a good feel.
  • Multi Pieces Construction: Srixon uses multiple materials forged sup10 face, tungsten added to its toe, and carbon steel body. That results in more shot distance increased shot speed and reduce vibrations.
  • Tour VT Sole: the sole of Srixon is shaped like a v giving more turf interaction which allows its users to hit heavy shots with precision.
  • Progressive groove system: zx5 long iron has more hollow grooves for better launch and long distances while shorter irons have tighter grooves allowing them to provide more spin and accuracy.
Reasons to Buy
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Final Thoughts

The mix of technology and game improvement characteristics makes it a perfect choice for many mid-handicappers who wants a fine blend of power and technology. But the price of the zx5 full set is much higher than average people can afford and I wish they decrease their price a little bit.

Length: 39.125″-35″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 61.5°- 64.5° | Offset: 5.8-1.5 | Loft: 19°-59°

The TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX is a market leader in this price tag that produces more shot speed and achieves more distance than its competitors. With its oversized head and thicker sole SIM 2 MAX provides more forgiveness and distance.

But to some players its iron back looks busy with so much lettering on the sole but I think that TaylorMade did a perfect job in lowering its color and adjusting SIM 2 MAX letters with so much precision.

Technologies used in TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX

  • Less thickness: TaylorMade has reduced SIM 2 MAX thickness from its predecessors by adding a single piece of polymer and removing a single speed ridge from its heel to toe.
  • Echo Damping: with the use of its echo damping technology, TaylorMade ensures that SIM 2 MAX sound and feels like a forged design even if they are cavity design.
  • Inverted cone technology: TaylorMade uses inverted cone technology for making variable face thickness which allows it to achieve more distance, shot speed, and forgiveness.
Reasons to Buy
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Final Thoughts

SIM 2 MAX is a perfect choice for mid-handicap players that want more distance with forgiveness within an affordable price range and does not concern about forged steel bodies and design.

Length: 39″-35″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 60.5°- 64° | Offset: 7.0-3.2 | Loft: 18.5°-56°

Rogue ST MAX is one of Callaway’s best models, providing more forgiveness and distance. The semipro is beautifully designed with hollow body iron.

Key Technologies that are used in ST MAX PRO

  • Precision tungsten weighting: 62g of high-density tungsten is added to the face which allows for lowering its center of gravity to improve its launching and shot speed.
  • A.I Face cup: Callaway uses complex AI optimization techniques on each iron in the set, increasing its spin consistency, launching angle, and overall shot speed.
  • Urethane microspheres: the urethane microspheres moved further up to the 6th groove to reduce vibrations and provide good sound and feel.
  • 450 sheets of steel: 450 steel is a high-density material which uses in face flash to increase its shot speed and distance.
Reasons to Buy
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Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly Rouge ST MAX is one of the best irons present in the market for high distance and forgiveness but their limit on trajectories can stop the balls in the greens and is a big drawback.

Length: 38.875″-35.5″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 61.5°- 65° | Offset: 4.7-1.8 | Loft: 20°-48°

While Cleveland has mostly known for its wedges but they have made irons that are geared toward mid-handicappers. Cleveland has beautifully combined distance, forgiveness, and low cost into launcher XL.

The Launcher Xl long shaft and cavity back club head make it easier to hit long-distance shots and provide more control and forgiveness. I love their weighted grip which is easy to handle and provides more control over the shot.

The technology used in Launcher XL

  • Massive head design: Launcher Xl head design is a little bit chunky making it easy for players to hit the ball every time its massive head provides a lot of distance and forgiveness. Cleveland claimed that Launcher Xl has more MOI and a low center of gravity than any other of their irons.
  • V-shaped sole: its V-shaped sole provides more forgiveness and elevation that results in consistency and a comparatively slow shot.
  • 8-gram weight to grip: they have added a little weight to the grip so that it can provide control and feel to the player. But they are also removable if players happen to not like them.
Reasons to Buy
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Final Thoughts

Cleveland Launcher XL is a good choice for players that prefer distance, flight, and forgiveness with a little compromise on shot control and feel. Its grip weight could also bother some players but I think it’s a decent grip design.


Length: 39″-35.5″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 60°- 64° | Offset: 0.256-0.086 | Loft: 18°-53°

The Wilson D9 forged irons are the advanced version of the Wilson D7. I have used both of their irons and I love its forged feeling compact design and shot shaping ability and pretty decent sound. They have done a pretty amazing job in blending the soft forged feeling with providing more shot distance and forgiveness. These abilities of the Wilson d9 make it a strong competitor for mid-handicappers.

Wilson D9 forged face flexes more which generates more impact and ball speed allows it to achieve more distance. D9’s forged body makes it lightweight and easy to swing. The overall face is compact with a shorter blade and a thin topline despite this it offers a pretty decent ball speed and shot distance.

The technology used in Wilson D9 Forged

  • urethane-filled Power Holes: the power holes on the D9 face are positioned strategically that allows its face to flex more and achieve more shot speed and distance.
  • Lower CG: by providing more weight on the bottom of the face of D9 they lower its center of gravity and provide more green side interaction and increased launch angles.
  • 8620 carbon steel: the face of D9 is forged with 8620 carbon steel that provides a soft feel and good sound on impact
Reasons to Buy
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Final Remarks

Wilson D9 is undoubtedly a strong candidate if you want distance with forgiveness however with a smaller head and grass reflection on the head due to the chrome finish, they are more difficult to align with the ball but with practice, you will get used to it.


Length: 39.25″-35.75″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 60.5°- 64.5° | Offset: 4.0-1.4 | Loft: 19°-49°

The Cobra King Forged is an impressive addition to its lineup and provides more shot control, distance, and stopping power than its predecessors. Our team loves the experience that it provides to us while playing with it.

Some people argue that its face design is not good enough but I thought they have done a pretty decent job with a crisp and elegant finish. Our team was pretty shocked to see how much power and distance these iron offer and the sound it generates is more decent than its competitors.

Technologies cobra used in King Forged

  • Hollow Construction: King Forged head looks like a muscle back shape but is a cavity back from the inside to provide distance control and a low center of gravity.
  • Foam-infused core: foam infused inside the cavity reduces the vibrations and provides a soft feel.
  • Power shell face: cobra king’s club face is forged with carbon that produces higher ball speed and good sound on impact.
  • Tungsten Weighting: they have added tungsten at the top of the club to lower its center of gravity for providing a maximum distance shot.
  • Cobra Connect: I love this feature of cobra they provide an app that measures your shot distance and accuracy on your mobile phone
Reasons to Buy
Reasons to Avoid

Final Remarks

Cobra King Forged is ideal for players that don’t concern about forgiveness and want an iron that provides a good feel, longer shot distance, and game improvement features. But they are not suited for amateur players who just start playing golf.

Honma TR20 P (Best Iron for 10 handicaps)

honma tr20 p


Length: 38.5″-35″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 61°- 64° | Offset: 5.8-1.5 | Loft: 21°-48°

Homma is a renowned Japanese brand mostly known for its drivers but believes me they have done a pretty good job of making the Honma TR20 P irons. My views about the Honma brand changed when a good friend of mine purchased Honma TR20 P and I got a chance to use and review it.

TR20 P is another good choice for mid-handicappers with its game-improvement features, forgiveness, and distance that it provides. Due to its cup face and cavity back, it offers good turf interaction and good ball spin.

Reasons to Buy
Reasons to Avoid

Final Remarks

Overall Hunma is the best choice for mid handicappers provides the best performance with such a low-price range and is most suitable for players with a low budget. However, its bulky sole is not much amusing and sometimes causes problems in shot control.

Our technique to test Golf Irons

We are professional and experienced golf players who have played golf for overhears. Our golf testing process is comprised of two steps indoor testing and outdoor testing and we also attend product launching events.

Firstly, we test irons inside a controlled environment inside our EYE XO Swing Bay Simulator where we analyze the club speed and angle, ball launching speed, shot distance, spin, and launch angle.

We perform the outdoor testing at Tradition Golf Club where I and my friends play and test these irons in a real environment. To see how they feel, and perform, what their impact sounds like, their hitting distance, etc.

How To Choose Golf Iron (Buying Guide)

No matter whether you are a newbie or a pro pro-mid-handicapper is always a hassle and headache to buy new irons with so many brands making top-notch irons. The iron you buy could impact your game and may serve you for years. So, we are here to guide you on how you should buy the best irons if you are a mid-handicap golfer. There are some key factors that you need to consider before buying an iron set these factors are

Your ability and requirements

The first and most important thing is to know what is your playing style and what kind of iron best suits your game. If you are serious about improving your game you should seriously consider an iron design that fits your requirements because choosing the right set of irons can enhance your gameplay.

Generally, high handicappers love to use irons that offer more distance and maximum forgiveness with a large iron head. On the other hand, mid-low handicappers don’t bother about forgiveness and prefer forged iron blades that offer more feel, good impact sound, and shot control. However, there are iron models that are designed to fulfill both handicapper’s requirements.

Therefore, before buying irons, you first should consider your game style, your ball striking ability, and the level of forgiveness you want from your irons.

Cavity back and muscle back irons

normally have two styles of heads known as cavity back and muscle back
cavity back heads come with a hollow construction on their back that offers more forgiveness in terms of distance and is an ideal choice for novice players who have just started their game.

On the other hand, muscle back iron doesn’t have hollows on the back of their heads and is normally forged. They are preferred by professional and skilled players due to their good feel, shot-shaping ability, and better sound on collision.

Now days introducing cavity back and perimeter weighting allow irons to have a lower center of gravity and higher MOI allows mid-handicappers to score better. These irons came with game improvement features and also provide a feel and shot control that professional player seeks.

Club head size

Nowadays irons came in different sizes of club heads like compact, medium, and large. These different sizes have different characteristics and offer different benefits.

Large club head sizes are ideal for armatures as large head offers more forgiveness and allow players to hit a solid shot.

On the other hand, irons with medium club head sizes are best for players who are not armature and looking for irons that have game improvement features.

Lastly, compact or small-size club head irons are mostly popular with professional golf players because it provides more shot control, precision, and a good feel.

Iron shaft

Choosing the right shaft is very crucial to your game because the shaft can greatly impact your swing, impact, trajectory, and feel. So, it is very important to consider shafts while buying an iron set.

Nowadays iron came in two materials Steel and Graphite and some shafts came in a mixture of both graphite and steel.

Graphite shafts are more flexible and lightweight than steel shafts. They are ideal for inexperienced players because of their ability to generate more shot speed through their club head even with a lower swing.

Steel Shafts are rigid and heavier and are preferable for professional players that have high swing spspeedsSteel shafts are less likely to deviate from the plane during spin.

It is very difficult to have a clear-cut answer because many armatures use steel shafts and many professionals use both steel and graphite shafts. It is totally up to your choice what you prefer. You have to choose what flex suits your gameplay.

Your handicap range

your handicap range can give you a clear hint about what kind of iron best suits your gameplay.

Normally high-end handicapper chooses irons with large and thick club head sizes that offer more forgiveness and distance.

And handicappers with mid to low-end range opt for an iron that provides more shot control and feels instead of forgiveness.

Forgiveness and distance

As a mid-handicapper, your irons should provide enough forgiveness with game-improvement features like accuracy, ball flight, and shot speed.

Secondly, you should also consider the shot distance that each iron offers. Distance depends on two factors the club design and the loft. The club head design itself is a major factor in distance and forgiveness based on the size of the sweet spot that it offers.


Generally, all big brands make top-notch irons that can improve your gameplay. It’s totally up to you what are your requirements and what model perfectly suits them.

However, Mizuno, Callaway, TaylorMade, Srixon, and cobra are some fantastic brands that are making some quality and game improvement irons.

Your budget

Product price is a very important factor as not everyone could afford a 1000$ or above price and some options cost below that price range. Iron prices vary dramatically between brands and it is totally up to your budget and your requirements.

When it comes to iron prices there is no guarantee that you can perform well with 2000$ iron or with a 500$ iron. So, don’t worry about buying high price brands if you have if you have low budget however I must say that you shouldn’t buy a brand under 500$ price.

We have included brands with different prices so it is totally up to your requirements and budget.


No matter if you are a newbie or a pro at the game custom fit is the most essential part of buying irons.

Custom fitting will provide you with a clear idea about your lie angle, shaft length, reflexes, and what iron suits your gameplay best. This process finishes off with a perfect model that suits your gameplay.

If you are a beginner and do not know your gameplay well custom fitting can be an intimidating process but it provides the best results and is a vital part of the buying process. First You should pick four to five irons head and then choose among the iron heads that best suit your game.


While Quality iron sets can bring a huge boom to your game and can become good partners in your golf career. It is very tough to find the right brand that suits your gameplay but you can easily find one with a little research.
Some irons provide better forgiveness and shot distance and some of them provide good shot control and feel by sacrificing distance and forgiveness. While not every iron checks all boxes, some irons satisfy moisture.
From our list of best mid-handicap irons for 2022 we have chosen our top 3 picks.
If you are a handicapper that wants an iron with game-improving features, and better shot control, and feels then with a little compromise on forgiveness then Mizuno JPX921 Forged is the best choice for you, but if you are someone that prefers forgiveness and distance over the shot control then Callaway Apex DCB is the best choice and if your budget is a little low and still wants an iron set that offers good shot distance and forgiveness then TaylorMade stealth is a perfect choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a mid-handicap in golf?

The term handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer’s potential and mid handicappers are golfers with average handicap scores between 11 to 20 and plays shot between 80 to 94.

What are the most forgiving irons for mid-handicappers?

From our list, the most stand-out irons are Callaway Apex DCB, Srixon ZX5, and TaylorMade stealth in terms of forgiveness and the shot distance they offer.

What irons for a 10 handicap?

As a 10 handicap, the irons that provide more forgiveness and shot control are most suited for you, and the iron with these features are Callaway Apex DCB, Srixon ZX5, and Honma TR20 P.

What irons should a 20-handicap play?

The player with a 20-handicap score is a high mid handicapper, they need irons set that provides more shot control and distance even a little compromised on Forgiveness.
Our top three picks for 20 handicaps are Mizuno JPX921 Forged, Wilson D9 Forged, and Callaway Apex DCB.

Can a mid-handicapper use blades?

Yes, a Mid handicapper can use blades, but cavity back irons provide more forgiveness, feels, and control on the other hand Blades give you more punishment in case of an off-center strike.

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