Best Golf Sun Hats to Protect You in Hot Blazing Summer

Bucket hats are your best option to deal with the hot sunny days and skin diseases

best golf sun hat

It is crucial to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful rays because that will not only burn your skin but also cause major skin disease like skin cancer. As a professional golfer, I spend hours playing golf under the sun. So, I have always used sunscreen and a bucket hat to protect myself from harmful sun rays. A good hat should have a beautiful design and protect you from the sun, rain, and other harsh weather conditions.

At first, choosing the right hat did not sound like a problem and seemed a very simple task. But it is pretty frustrating considering the weather, styling, comfort, and other factors. Weather is not constant and changes constantly so, you should buy a hat that protects you in all weather conditions. As a professional player, I have used many hats over the years, and believe me I have a pretty good idea about what a good hat looks like. So, I have listed the best golf hats for sun protection that are also comfortable and look beautiful.

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Our Top 3 Picks

Mizuno jpx921 Einskey Sun Hat for Men
Wide Brim
Nylon Mesh
Affordable price
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Callaway Apex DCB Coolibar UPF 50+ Hat
Beautiful and comfortable
Upf 50+ protection
Adjustable Elastic cord
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router Titleist Tour Aussie Wide Brim Hat
Moisture-absorbing material
Stretchy and durable hat
Waterproof material
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Our Best 10 Golf Hats for sun protection

  1. Einskey Sun Hat for Men
  2. Coolibar upf 50+ hat
  3. Titleist Tour Aussie Wide Brim Hat
  4. Connectyle Outdoor Mesh Sun Hat Wide Brim
  5. Adidas UPF Golf Sun Hat
  6. Ralph Lauren Bucket
  7. Callaway Golf Sun Hat
  8. Titleist Charleston Aussie
  9. Under Armour Men’s Iso-Chill Armourvent Bucket Hat
  10. TaylorMade Storm Bucket Hat
Brand and Iron name Material Breathable Mesh UPF Rating Adjustable Chin Strap Brim Size (inch) Amazon rating
Einskey Sun Hat Polyester Yes 50+ Yes 3.7-3.9 4.5/5
Coolibar UPF 50+ Polyester No 50+ Yes 3.5-4 4.5/5
Titleist Tour Aussie Polyester No 50+ Yes 4 5
Connectyle Wide-Brim Hat Polyester Yes 50+ Yes 3.7-3.9 3
Adidas UPf Golf Sun Hat Polyester No 50+ Yes 4 3.7
Ralph Lauren Bucket Cotton No 50+ No 3.7 4.6/5
Callaway Golf Sun Hat Polyester Yes 50+ No 4 5/5
Titleist Charleston Aussie Polyester No 50+ Yes 3.5 4.3/5
Under Armour Bucket Hat Polyester Yes 50+ Yes 3.9 5/5
Taylormade Strom Bucket Hat Polyester No 50+ No 2.5 4.6/5

Einskey Sun Hat for Men

Despite not being a renowned brand, they have done a pretty decent job in manufacturing this hat. Einskey sun hat not only looks beautiful and comfortable but also protects your face, neck, and shoulder from harmful sun rays with its large brim. It is manufactured with Polyester material to protect you even in strong rainy storms. It has nylon mesh on both sides which keeps your head cool and comes with an adjustable chin cord so you can wear it even in windy areas. It comes in nine different colors so you can choose the one you like the most. Mostly worn during hiking and fishing, it’s casual enough to be worn anywhere.

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Reasons to Avoid

There are many reasons that I love this hat it is easy to wash, comfortable, lightweight and one size fits all with its adjustable elastic cord. With its 4″ brim it can protect not only your face but also your neck and shoulder from UV rays. There is a common problem with bucket hats that they become loose and can move around while you are playing golf. But Coolibar upf 50+ comes with an adjustable Velcro fit that makes it fit perfectly on your head. The only thing that I don’t like about Coolibar upf 50+ is that it only comes in three different colors. However, if that’s not a problem for you it is a perfect hat for sun protection.

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Titleist tour Aussie is a beautiful and comfortable hat as you have expected no less from the Titleist Brand name. As the name suggests it comes with a wide brim to protect your face and neck from the sun. it is a tour-inspired version and even golfers on a tour love to wear it. With its stretchy material, it can easily fit any head size unless you don’t have trouble with a standard size. It comes with mesh fabric that keeps your head cool and dry even during sunny days. It is very comfortable and lightweight and on top of that, you will look like a pro golf player while wearing this hat. However, it comes in limited colors so may not find the color of your choice.

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Connectyle Outdoor Mesh is one of my all-time favorite sun hats. It is lightweight, comfortable, and beautiful in design. With its wider brim having UPF 50+ protection you can confidently wear this hat and come out even during hot sunny days. It protects your face and neck from harsh sun rays. The best feature that I love is its adjustable brim. If the sun fades you don’t have to wear it off just fasten its brim and wear it. Its mesh lining technology keeps the flow of air inside and cools your head during hot days.

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Adidas is a renowned brand that makes amazing golf products and their UPF Golf hat is one of them. This hat is not only good for golf but also makes you stylish. It comes with an adjustable chin strap that holds the hat in windy conditions. It is made of a high-quality polyester that makes it lightweight and water resistant as well. This hat has a wider brim similar to other brands like coolibar and connectyle that protects your face and neck from harmful UV rays. Its Drawstring is removable if it is bothering you and coming in your line of sight.

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Ralph Lauren is one of the most favorite Hats due to its beautiful and elegant design. If you dress properly while wearing this hat you will stand out on the golf course. This classical hat comes in cotton fabric and is durable and machine washable, unlike most sun hats that can only be washed with the hands. With its large brim, it provides good sun protection and has a 50+ upf rating. 

Whomever it is not waterproof so you could not wear it during the rainy season. It could only wear during hot summers for sun protection. It comes with an inner sweatband so that your sweat doesn’t go on your eyes. If you want to look stylish with some sun protection then this hat is an ideal choice for you.

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The best part of this hat is that it comes with breathable mesh so that even if you wear it in blazing summer it keeps your head cool. You can also wear it during the rain due to its waterproof material. It comes with an inner seat band that protects your forehead and eyes from your sweat. The Callaway golf sun hat provides 50+ upf protection that makes you comfortable to play during high noon times. It comes with a 4-inch wide brim that protects not only your face but also your neck.

Due to its unstructured design, you can easily fold it and put it into your pocket. However, the only drawback is that it cannot be washed with the machine and you cannot use fabric softener.

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Titleist Charleston Aussie is made with ultra-lightweight and stretchy material that is comfortable to wear. It comes with a new Stacool band that easily fits on your forehead and protects your eyes from sweat. Due to its wide brim and UV-treated material it has a 50+ upf rating that will protect your face from harmful sun rays. It has an adjustable elastic closure so that it comfortably fits on your head no matter the size of your head.

Titleist Charleston comes with a removable chin strap so that it doesn’t come off your head in windy situations. It is made with polyester which makes it waterproof so that you could wear it during the rainy season. I strongly recommend this hat for players who want dashing looks and live in areas where the weather changes dramatically.

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Under Armour is a renowned brand in the world for making outclass sports goods and they don’t disappoint n this bucket hat. It makes with a comfortable and lightweight material that gives you a classy look while wearing this hat. It is easily washable all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine and it is neat and clean. This is a perfect hat for players that sweats a lot due to its Armourvent technology that makes it super breathable.

Its iso-chill sweatband not only absorbs your sweat and protects your eyes but also gives your head a sweet cold sensation that no other hat offers. It comes in 4 different sizes and different colors that make it the perfect choice for a wide range of players. Even with all these features and technology it’s extremely comfortable and lightweight.

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If you want a bucket hat with a sleek and beautiful design at an affordable price then the TaylorMade Strom Bucket hat is one of the best choices to choose from. It is made with polyester material that makes it stretchable and waterproof which makes it perfect to wear during the rainy season. TaylorMade Strom bucket comes with a sweatband that absorbs all of your sweat and protects your eyes from sweat. I am in love with the way that TaylorMade has adjusted its logo and it looks really nice and beautiful. However, it only comes in black color due to which I think it is not appealing for a wide variety of customers.

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Factors to consider while buying a Golf Hat

Buying a golf hat seems a simple petty task but believe me, it is not. There are many factors you should consider before buying a hat to ensure that you are buying the best-valued hat. Here are some factors that you should consider while buying a golf hat.


is one of the most important factors that you should consider while buying a golf hat. The size of the hat’s brim determines its coverage. Hats with Smaller brims do not completely cover your face and on the other hand hats with bigger brims cover both your face and neck from harmful UV rays but they should be not so much big that they disturb your game. Connectyle, Adidas, and Coolibar are some hats that have a bigger brim.


You should ensure before buying that size of the hat completely fits your head. A hat with a smaller size does not fit well and a bigger hat blocks your vision and could even drop from your head while playing golf. So, it is pretty important to consider the size factor before buying. However, there are hats in the market that fits all head sizes and are adjustable.


Most golfers don’t bother about comfort but it can make a difference in your gameplay. Comfortable players enjoy the game more and could hit big shots uninterrupted. Comfort means not only the softness and lightweight of a hat but also the hat’s ability to tackle different weather conditions.


Golf hats come in different colors and it depends on personal choice. But most players prefer white, black, and gray colors. However white color has the advantage over other colors because it gets less hot in the summer and is easily washable.

Water Proofing

If you are living in rainy areas or loves to play golf in rain then you should consider buying the golf halt that is waterproof because it will make you uncomfortable if your head gets wet during the game. Also, you might catch a cold or get ill due to a wet head.

Sweat Wicking

It is natural to sweat during hot summer days if you are wearing a hat. That sweat came down to your eyes and face making you uncomfortable and disturbing your game. You should buy a golf hat with air vents that allow airflow inside to keep your head cool and reduce sweating.

Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps tighten the golf hat on your head and your hat does not move while you are swinging your club. Most golf players prefer the chin straps but make sure that they won’t distract you and feel you uncomfortable. They are a good option to consider especially if you live in windy areas.


is an important feature if you are living in an area whose climate is unpredictable. A good golf hat should perform well in all climate conditions and make you feel prepared. We have listed above some good golf hats that perform great in all weather conditions.


When you look great it will boost your confidence and give a huge boost to your game. It is not a priority of every golfer but you should consider Style when buying a golf hat.


The material determines the ability of a hat to bear harsh weather and improves its durability. The better material is used in a hat the more expensive it will become. Some hats are made of polyester material and some are made of cotton. Golf players should consider the material of the hat they feel comfortable with.


The price factor only depends on your personal choice and budget. The more technology and fine material used in a hat the more expensive it will be. However, there are hats in the market that provides good value for your money.



We have provided all the information for you to make it easy for you to pick one of the best hats for you. In the end, it comes to your personal choice of how you want to look and how much sun protection you want from the sun. we have listed all the caps with a brim to protect your neck and face skin from harmful sun rays.

But if you want us to pick one hat for you then Einskey Sun Hat and Coolibar upf 50+ hats are the best choices for you if you want the best budget hats but if you are a person who considers brand name and Loves tour look then Titleist Tour Aussie Wide Brim Hat should be on top of your list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best golf hat for sun protection?

There are many go bucket hat options available in the market however in our opinion Einskey sun hat is the best choice for most golf players due to its custom fit, and wide brim, and provides you the best value for your money.

What is the best wide-brim hat?

A wide brim is necessary for not only protecting your face but also your neck and shoulder areas from harmful sun rays. in our opinion, Titleist Tour Aussie is the best brim hat for its largest brim of 4 inches and the trusted name of Titleist.

What is the best Callaway sun hat?

Callaway is a world-renowned brand that makes one of the best golf equipment available in the market and believes me they even don't disappoint in making the brim hat. Their golf brim hat is one of the best sun protection hats which is lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Do baseball hats provide as much sun protection as bucket hats?

Some players feel more comfortable with baseball hats due to they fit well on their heads as compared to bucket hats. But Baseball hats do not provide as much sun protection as bucket hats so, in my opinion, you should go for an adjustable bucket hat that fits well on your head due to its greater sun protection.

Do bucket hats protect your skin against skin cancer?

if you can block the harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun to make contact with your skin so your skin protects from skin cancer. bucket hats protect your face and neck skin from these harmful rays they reduce the risk of skin cancer.

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