The 10 Best Putters for Mid-Handicappers 2023

We take a look at the best putters available for mid-handicappers and average players

Best Putters for Mid-Handicappers

There is no doubt having the right equipment on the golf field gives you an additional advantage over other players. This is not only true for putters but also for other golf equipment like drivers, irons, and woods. But finding the right equipment that best suits your gameplay is really hard. Especially when there are so many brands and options available in the market and you don’t know what you are looking for this is also true for the mid-handicapper sector as well.

As a professional golfer who has been playing golf for more than 10 years, I have used around every putter available in the market. So, I have made a list of the 10 best putters for Mid-handicappers available in the market that will take your game to the next level. We have considered many factors in ranking these putters like forgiveness, distance, feel, sound, and their finish. So, without taking further delay let’s take a look at our list of the top 10 most forgiving and distance putters.

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Our Hot 3 Picks Of Best Putters For Mid Handicappers

Callaway Odyssey White Hot OG Callaway Odyssey White Hot OG
  • Premium looks
  • Milled surface finish
  • Best Mallet Putter For Mid Handicappers
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    TaylorMade Spider X
  • Multi-material design
  • True path alignment
  • High MOI
  • Check on Amazon
    Titleist Scotty Cameron Special New Select
  • Max Forgiveness
  • Refined plumbing neck
  • Best Blade putter For Mid Handicappers
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    Our Top 10 Putters for Midhandicappers and Average Players

    • Callaway Odyssey White Hot OG
    • TaylorMade Spider X
    • Titleist Scotty Cameron special select Newport
    • Cobra KING 3D Printed Agera Putter
    • Wilson Harmonized Putter
    • Cleveland HB Soft milled 11 putter
    • TaylorMade Spider Tour Black
    • Mizuno M-Craft 1
    • PXG 0211 Hell Cat
    • Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL

    In case you don’t want to read lengthy reviews, here is a quick comparison between all of our best putters.

    Putter name Loft Forgiveness Feel Lie Amazon rating
    Callaway odyssey white hot High Soft 70° 4.8/5
    TaylorMade spider x High Soft 70° 4.8/5
    Titleist scotty Cameron High Soft 70° 4.3/5
    Cobra king 3D printed Agera High Soft 70° 4.8/5
    Wilson harmonized putter High Soft 70° 4.5/5
    Cleveland HB Soft High Soft 70° 4.7/5
    TaylorMade Spider tour black High Moderate 70° 4.8/5
    Mizuno M-Craft 1 High Softer 70° 4.5/5
    PXG 0211 Hellcat Mid Moderate 70° 5/5
    Pinemeadow golf PGX SL Mid Moderate 70° 4.6/5

    Odyssey White Hot OG is my no-one choice due to its excellent overall performance. It has premium looks, the best feel, and shot consistency. I have been using the Odyssey putter since I bought it. This putter is always adding a little extra to my performance. Its PVD milled surface finish gives you a top-notch, premium feels that will boost your confidence.

    It comes with two shaft options: a solid steel shaft and a multi-material shaft. This putter also features the Callaway famous white hot insert technology which reduces the sound of impact on the face and improves the feel. It is face balanced putter and has a wide face that provides maximum forgiveness and consistency. However, its price is a little bit high so if you have a budget problem you should consider our other options.


    Loft 3°||Lie 70°||Length 33″,34″,35″|||Offset Full Shaft||Head Weight 365g


    White Hot insert: they have inserted a two-part urethane inside its head that provides a soft feel, sound, and unmatchable performance.

    Milled Surface Finish: Callaway combines PVD silver finish with fine milling, giving its user a premium feel and touch.

    Premium Shaft Options: The Odyssey white came with a premium stepped steel shaft or multi-material stroke lab shaft. Both shafts provide the best look and feel.


    • Premium feel and
    • good sound
    • Quality finish
    • Max forgiveness
    • High Accuracy


    • High price
    • Not ideal for players that play an arched stroke

    Mid-handicappers normally have a problem with consistency so they have to use a forgiving putter that boosts their gameplay and accuracy. TaylorMade Spider X is a maximum forgiving that provides you with accuracy and consistency. Spider X is a High MOI and low COG golf putter that provide a solid ball roll and stability on miss-hits. This putter features true path alignment that is a white color and a y-shaped design on its head that lets you visualize the alignment of the ball and helps you put the ball perfectly.

    One thing that I love the most about spider x is its multi-material construction. Its chassis is made of steel that provides stability and the inner part is made with carbon composite that moves its weight toward the face resulting in more solid rolls and consistency. Due to the large face and mallet design, these putters are best suited for players with straight strokes.


    Loft 3°||Lie 70°||Length 33″,34″,35″|||Offset Full Shaft||Head Weight 355g


    Multi-Material Design: its head is made of steel and carbon composite that provides a more streamlined shape and stability.

    True path alignment: its white color and “y” shaped design help the golfer visualize and center the ball at the intended target and improve accuracy.

    Head Shape: the spider x head shape is more streamlined which gives it excellent aerodynamic properties and faster swing speed.

    White TPU Pure Roll: a TPU roll is inserted in its head at 45° for better sound, and a good feel and improves the topspin of the ball.


    • Best Feel and Shot Feedback
    • High MOI and good shot control
    • Overall Best Performance
    • More color options


    A thinner grip may be problematic for some players
    No hosel options

    As a leading brand in the industry, they have made some great golf clubs and they don’t even disappoint in the Scotty Cameron putter as well. In my opinion, Titleist Scotty Cameron is the best choice for golfers with arched strokes due to its toe-balanced head and blade design. Titleist Scotty Camron provides a more solid roll and consistency than all of its predecessors.

    Its neck is refined and placed slightly back and its perimeter weighting makes it stable and it optimizes my topspin, roll, and distance. Even with blade design, it provides a decent amount of forgiveness due to its solid milled construction and 303 steel face. They have added a single line on the putter head to visualize and align the ball perfectly. However, on the downside, they are expensive and players with low budgets can’t purchase them.


    Loft 3.5°||Lie 70°||Length 33″,34″,35″|||Offset Full Shaft||Head Weight 355g


    Refined plumbing neck: its neck is refined to make it solid and placed slightly back to improve visibility and shot alignment.

    Performance-balanced weighting: they have placed heavy tungsten weight inside its sole that lowers its COG, increases stability, and larger sweet spot.

    Solid Milled Construction: every model is milled from 303 stainless steel that provides a premium finish, a good feel, and great performance.


    • Premium finish
    • High MOI
    • Max forgiveness
    • Easy alignment


    • Not budget friendly
    • The grip size may be bothersome for some players

    Cobra King Agera is one of my favorite putters due to its stability and forgiveness. This putter has a beautiful novel design due to its 3D-printed nylon cartridge steel chassis. It reduces the topspin of the ball which results in a more solid roll and the best distance control. I suggest it to players with straight strokes due to its mallet design.

    They have added a 53 g of tungsten weight in its head that moves its weight a little toward the face that results in more forgiveness and consistency. They have also introduced descending loft technology that keeps the ball on the field and results in a more consistent roll.


    Loft 1°,2°,3°,4°||Lie 70°||Length 33.75″,34.75″,37.25″|||Offset Full Shaft||Head Weight 385g


    3D-Printed Lattice Cartridge: a 3D-printed nylon lattice cartridge is inserted inside the club head which distributes the weight inside the head to produce high MOI and Accuracy.

    Steel Chassis: its chassis is made with 261g of steel that lowers its center of gravity and provides more stability to the club.

    Tungsten Weighting: a combined 53g of tungsten is added at the front and rear heel and toe that optimize shot accuracy and increase consistency.

    Forged Aluminum Crown: its club crown is made with 27g of aluminum which increases its sweet spot and MOI.

    Descending Loft Technology: its aluminum face is inserted with SIK Descending Loft Technology provides consistent roll at different putting strokes and angles.


    • Bigger sweet spot
    • Max forgiveness and distance
    • More accuracy and consistency
    • Great feel and sound


    • Not ideal for arch stroke golfers
    • Larger head size

    One thing that I love the most about Wilson’s harmonized putter is its classical looks and beautiful design which appeals to a wide range of golf players. The harmonized refers to its weight distribution due to which it provides stability and max forgiveness. 

    They provide accuracy and consistency due to their exceptional alignment features. Even with all these features and looks they are cheaper than some of the above options. They provide a soft feel and sound with more ball speed due to the polymer face insert system. They come in different varieties and shapes so you can choose what best suits you.


    Loft 3°||Lie 70°||Length 34″|||Offset Full Shaft||Head Weight 355g


    Easy Alignment Design: They have placed horizontal lines on the putter to support the player to easily align the ball and produce more accurate shots.

    Polymer Face Insert: They have injected micro polymer particles inside the face that optimize the feel and sound.

    Jumbo Grip Size: Wilson putter came with a jumbo size standard grip that firms your grip and promotes easy swing.

    Vertical Seam Grip: its grip came with a vertical seam on the backside that provides a good and soft feel.


    • Provide the best value for your money
    • Easy to align and adjust
    • Softer feel with a face insert
    • Budget-friendly


    • The jumbo grip may be problematic for some players
    • A little bit low on forgiveness

    If I have to go for a putter with beautiful looks at a reasonable price then I will go for the Cleveland HB Soft. The soft refers to the speed optimization technology which results in more ball speed and consistent rolls. The diamond design patterns on its face increase friction and transfer maximum energy t the ball at the impact which improves ball roll and maximize its forgiveness.

    They are mallet-style putters and hence best suited for players with straight strokes. They have also provided different alignment options so you can choose one that best suits your gameplay.


    Loft 3°||Lie 70°||Length 34″,35″|||Offset Full Shaft||Head Weight 370g


    Milled Head: HB Soft head is milled on the face and back optimizing its weight and providing more forgiveness and better performance.

    SPEED-OPTIMIZED FACE TECHNOLOGY (SOFT): Soft means speed-optimized technology that refers to milled grooves on its face that provide max energy transfer all over the face and promote consistent shots.

    Customized alignment fits: HB Soft provides hosel, grip, and alignment for all players whether you are a straight stroke player or arc player.


    • Max forgiveness and ball speed
    • Alignment options for all players
    • Milled face for consistency
    • Speed-optimized technology


    • Too soft for some players

    If you are a golf player who is looking for accuracy and consistency on the greens then TaylorMade spider tour black is the best choice for you. With its multi-material construction, it provides stability and high MOI. Its weight is placed low and forward in the head which maximizes forgiveness and promotes a stable shot. Its black matte finish and beautiful sleek design make it the first choice for many golfers. It also came with weight distribution technology so you can customize its weight according to your choice. Overall spider black is best for players who love to play a straight shot.


    Loft 3°||Lie 70°||Length 34″,35″|||Offset Full Shaft||Head Weight 355g


    Advanced Shaping: spider black’s head is designed with state-of-the-art technology to provide max forgiveness, high MOI, and consistency.

    Multi-Material Construction: spider head’s frame is made with stainless steel combined lightweight aluminum core that optimized its weight to provide high MOI and more consistent roll.

    PU Foam: the PU foam inside the body absorbs most of the vibrations from the hit and provides a soft feel and good sound.


    • Exceptional feel and good feedback
    • Max distance and forgiveness
    • Vibration damping
    • High MOI


    • Too much soft for some players
    • Not preferable for arched players

    Mizuno M-Craft 1 is a blade-style putter which is why it is best suited to arced players. This putter will make you confident on the golf course with its high-quality features and premium looks. Its CNC-milled face provides you with a solid feel and roll. one thing that I am amazed to see about mizuna M-Craft is the stability that it provides despite having a blade profile. They have used parameter weighting to obtain such consistency and stability. They also provide a customized weighting option so you can change the weight according to your need.


    Loft 4°||Lie 70°||Length 34″|||Offset Full Shaft||Head Weight 355g


    Forged Head Construction: Mizuno M-craft head is forged to provide a soft feel and excellent feedback.

    1025 Mild Carbon Steel: M-craft’s face is made with 1025 carbon steel and milled to provide more consistency and a soft feel.

    Precision CNC Milled: its face is milled deeply and with precision for a soft feel and pure roll.

    Custom Fit Weight: M-craft came with multiple weight options so you can change them according to your need and desire.


    • Soft feel and consistent roll
    • Multiple weight options
    • Good sound and a soft feel
    • Ideal for straight strokes


    • Not for arched players
    • Less forgiveness as compared to other options

    PXG is not a big brand like TaylorMade or Callaway but they make pretty good and premium equipment and this putter is no exception. When I first tested this putter, I am amazed to see how much forgiveness it provides. Its pyramid face design and calculated grooves on the face provide consistency, max forgiveness, and high ball speed. The one thing that I love the most is that it came with many shaft options so you can choose the one that you liked. Due to the blade design and toe balancing this putter is perfect for arced players. This putter features a runaway article as the name suggests the patterns on his head are just like an airport runway and help you to perfectly align the golf ball.


    Loft 3°||Lie 70°||Length 33″,34″,35″|||Offset Full Shaft||Head Weight 365g


    Optimized pyramid face design: the pyramid patterns on the face of the club is specially designed to provide max forgiveness all over the face.

    Runaway article: the design pattern on the head makes an arrow-like pattern and makes it easy for players to align the ball and hit the shot perfectly.

    Face Groove: The depth of the face grooves promotes a soft feel and increases ball speed.

    PXG Shaft Matrix: the hellcat came in a variety of shaft options so you can choose the best shaft that you are comfortable with.


    • Easy to align the ball
    • Soft feel and impressive feedback
    • Budget-friendly
      Heavy head for faster ball speed


    • Thin grip may cause problems for some players
    • Less forgiving than its competitors

    If you are a golf player who has a low budget but doesn’t want to compromise on quality and performance then Pinemeadow PGX SL is the best choice for you. This putter has many resemblances with the odyssey not only in shape but also in performance as well. This putter has a 2 white ORB design on its head that is prominent even in sharp light and makes it easy to align the ball. With the face insert and face-balanced technology, this putter gives you a solid roll and straight shot.


    Loft 3°||Lie 90°||Length 33″,34″|||Offset Full Shaft||Head Weight 380g


    Plumber neck Hosel: the plumber neck hosel is at an offset that helps you to easily align with the ball and makes you comfortable.

    Center Balanced: The putter weight is pushed toward the center which will make it more balanced and keep your putter aligned.

    2X ORB Alignment: the 2x Orb is designed on the putter head which lets you perfectly align the ball and make a straight hit.

    Face Insert: the face insert creates a smooth roll and consistent straight shot.


    • Heavy head for high MOI
    • Budget Friendly
    • Mallet Design


    • Not include as high-end technology as other putters
    • Grip size may bother some players

    Buying Guide

    A large portion of golfers consists of mid-handicappers so there are lots of putters available in the market that target the mid-handicapper. Below are the factors that you should consider before purchasing a new putter. At the end of the day, you have to make the final decision according to your choice and preferences. But as a general thumb rule is that you should go for renowned brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist.


    Forgiveness is a key factor that a mid-handicapper should consider because they often miss-hit the shot. Putters with high forgiveness have a large sweet spot and lower COG that moves toward the face. Due to this ball roll is consistent and doesn’t bounce at the time of impact. Consistent roll means that most shots end up near the hole.

    Your gameplay

    You should always consider your gameplay and preferences and choose the club according to that. Due to the huge no of players in the mid-handicapper sector, you cannot pinpoint a single putter that fulfills all of the player’s needs. Some players play straight some slightly arched while others extremely arched strokes. You should buy a putter according to your skill, preference, and personal choice.

    Your Budget

    Equipment prices and your budget are one of the most important factors to consider while purchasing your putter. You have to consider your buying power before purchasing. I strongly recommend people with high purchasing power to go for high-end equipment they are a bit costly but surely give you an advantage. This does not mean that there are no good putters with low budgets. Some low-budget putters give you the best value for your money like Wilson harmonized putters.

    High MOI

    MOI stands for “movement of inertia” and is an important factor to consider. Putters with high MOI have a high mass that doesn’t twist on the missed hits and transfers maximum energy to the ball at the time of impact. This is important for straight shots and consistency.


    No matter how much of a great putter you have if you are struggling with the alignment, you will never be going to put the ball successfully in the hole. Try to get the putters that have alignment on them like TaylorMade spider x or odyssey white hot OG. The alignment will let you see where you are placing your ball in which direction it is going to move after hit. In this way, you can easily adjust your shot.


    feel is personal but an important factor. If your putter doesn’t feel right, you will never be going to enjoy your game. Some players love a softer feel while others prefer a hard and firm feel. Putters with cutting-edge technology and multi-material construction tend to feel best not too soft nor too firm. Whomever it is your personal preference you should try different options before buying a putter.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best Budget putters for mid-handicappers?

    The odyssey white Hot OG, TaylorMade spider X, and Titleist Scotty Cameron Special New Select are the best budget options available for mid-handicappers. They provide max forgiveness, the best feel, premium looks, and consistency.

    What are the types of putters?

    There are three types of putters they don’t only look different but also have different features and benefits. You should know the benefits and drawbacks of each type before purchasing the right one for you.
  • Blade putters
  • They have a compressed head and blade-like appearance. They are normally toe balanced and are best suited to players who have an arced stroke.
  • Mid-Mallet Putter
  • These putters are somewhat in between the blades and millet putters have a more compact design than millet putters but are larger than the blades. They are mostly face-balanced and provide plenty of forgiveness.
  • Mallet putter
  • These putters are bigger than both of the above-mentioned putters. They are heavy and face-balanced and are best suited for players with a straight shot.

    What are the best blade putters for mid-handicappers?

    In our opinion Titleist Scotty Cameron, Wilson harmonized, and Mizuno M-craft 1 are the best putters for mid-handicappers due to their premium looks, best feel, and performance.

    What are the best Mallet Putters for mid-handicappers?

    The best mallet putters for mid-handicappers are the Callaway odyssey white Hot OG, TaylorMade Spider X, and cobra King Agera 3D Printed. All of these options provide maximum forgiveness, distance, and the best feel.

    Best putters to hit straight?

    The putters that are best suited for straight shots are Mallet Putters due to their larger size, and weight, and they are face balanced. In our opinion, the best mallet putter is the Odyssey White Hot OG.

    Does The Putter Count in The 14 Clubs

    Yes, the putter counts in 14 clubs. According to USGA Rule you can only carry 14 clubs in your bag and Putter is one of them.

    Best Putter For High Handicappers

    In my opinion, the best putters for high handicappers are the Taylormade Spider X and Cobra King Agera. Both Putters provide maximum control and forgiveness which is essential for high handicappers.


    Choosing the correct putter that suits your gameplay is your personal choice. we have discussed all the option that we think is best for mid-handicappers.

    If you are a golf player with arced stroke and don’t have a problem with the budget then Odyssey white hot OG or TaylorMade spider x is the best choice for you. on the other hand, if you are a golf player who plays straight strokes then Titleist Scotty Cameron special new select best for you. But if you have a low budget and still want a good putter then Wilson harmonized is the best option for under the $50 price range.

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