Most Forgiving 3 Wood

Most forgiving fairway 3 woods that help you to become a good player

Most Forgiving 3 Wood

Hitting a golf ball right in the middle of a fairway wood is pretty hard even for experienced players. So, these days most woods come with the maximum forgiveness. Even if you miss-hit the ball it will still give plenty of distance. These clubs have a large sweet spot so you can get maximum distance for most of your shots. The most forgiving drivers are best for amateurs and average players who struggle to hit the ball constantly.

Nowadays, around 60% of golf players carry one fairway wood while the other 40% play with two fairway wood. It’s critical equipment for all players while they tend to hit low scores. The most forgiving three wood are the cavity back woods that provides you the unmatchable distance and maximum forgiveness. However, the choice of fairway wood depends on the player’s game style and personal choice. We have reviewed and tested more than 50 fairway woods that benefit most golf players equally.

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TaylorMade Stealth
✓ Unmatchable distance
✓ Maximum Forgiveness
✓ Tungsten weighting and Low COG
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Mizuno ST-Z
Sleek and Compact design
High ball speed
MAS1C Maraging face
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router Callaway Rouge ST max
AI designed Face cup
Premium Looks
Jail Break System
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Here are our Top 10 Most Forgiving Fairway 3 Woods

  1. TaylorMade Stealth
  2. Mizuno ST-Z
  3. Callaway Rouge ST Max Fairway Woods
  4. Cobra LTDx 
  5. TaylorMade SIM 2 Max
  6. Titleist Tsr2
  7. Cobra radspeed
  8. Srixon ZX
  9. Cleveland launcher XL Halo
  10. Callaway Big Bertha

Here is a quick look at our top 10 picks of the most forgiving fairway woods.

Name Ball Speed (Mph) Carry (Yards) Forgiveness Spin Rate(Rpm) Amazon rating
TaylorMade stealth 134 217 Max 3929 4.6/5
Mizuno ST-Z 134.2 213 Max 2332 4.7/5
Callaway Rouge ST Max 133.9 209 Max 4086 4.8/5
Cobra LTDx 133.9 207 High 4639 4.6/5
TaylorMade Sim 2 Max 132.6 205 High 4119 4.6/5
Titleist TSr2 131.4 204 High 4947 4.6/5
Cobra Radspeed 130.4 203 Mid 4748 4.2/5
Srixon ZX 129.8 203 Mid 4920 4.3/5
Cleveland Launcher XL 129.7 202 Mid 4361 4.6/5
Callaway Big Bertha 129.5 201 Mid 4219 4.6/5

TaylorMade Stealth

Length: 43.25″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 59°- 60.5° | Loft:15°- 24° | Swing Height: D3

In our opinion, TaylorMade stealth is one of the best and most forgiving fairway wood. I am in love with its premium looks at the address. Stealth comes in five different options from three to nine fairway woods. TaylorMade stealth comes in two models, stealth and stealth plus. The stealth plus model comes with customizable shafts while the standard stealth version does not have customizability. TaylorMade has used its latest technology in stealth like twist face, v sole, and speed pocket. 

We are most impressed with the forgiveness and carry distance that stealth provides. During our testing, these two parameters are unmatchable by any other wood. The Stealth model is most suited for mid-handicap to low-handicap players who need game improvement and forgiveness. Its crown is made with 3D carbon fiber that reduces its weight and further lowers the COG in the head. Stealth comes with twist-face technology that doesn’t let it twist during the miss hits.

If you are looking for wood with maximum forgiveness, distance, and speed then TaylorMade stealth is the best choice for you.

TaylorMade Stealth Features

  • V Steel with Ultra-Low CG -:

    Its v steel design at the bottom further optimizes its forgiveness by lowering its CG a little low

  • C300 Steel with Twist Face -:

    TaylorMade stealth club face is built with c300 steel that makes it hard and gives max ball speed

  • Twist Face Technology -: Club face is designed with twist face technology that keeps club face straight on missed hits.
  • Multi-Material Construction -: TaylorMade Stealth club head is made with multiple materials so that its weight is precisely positioned at a point that maximizes its forgiveness and launch speed.
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Length: 43″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 55.5°- 58.5° | Swing Weight D3| Loft: 13°- 17°

Mizuno is most widely known for its irons however they have done a pretty good job in manufacturing ST-Z fairway wood. ST-Z is one of the most forgiving woods that I have used. ST-Z is a fine blend of technology and innovations. This fairway wood is designed to provide maximum distance and high launch speed. Its crown is made with ultra-lightweight carbon that lowers its COG and higher its MOI.

Unlike its older version st2000, the ST-Z comes with an adjustable loft allowing you to change the loft between 9 to 18 degrees. So, you can control the ball’s flight and distance. During our testing, the average ball speed of Mizuno ST-Z is 213 and the total carry distance is 134.

Mizuno ST-Z Features

  • MAS1C Maraging Face –:

    Its club face is built with different thicknesses to provide you forgiveness on missed hits.

  • Ultra-lightweight Carbon Crown -: ST-Z crown is made of carbon which makes it lightweight and moves its COG a little lower to increase swing speed and shot distance.
  • Re-engineered WAVE Technology -:  its Wave design technology lowers its mass contribution to increasing its MOI and lower COG.

  • Quick Switch 3 & 5 WOOD -: Mizuno ST-Z provides loft adjustability you can adjust its loft between 3 to 5 wood.

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Length: 45.75″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 60° | Swing Weight: D3| Loft: 8°- 14°


No matter if you are a beginner or an average golf player Call Away Rouge ST Max can be used for a wide variety of players who are looking for max forgiveness and distance. its club crown is forged with carbon fiber which makes it 6% more lightweight. I am in love with its premium looks at the address.

A tungsten weight is added to its back which further optimizes forgiveness and increases the ball spin rate. Its club face is made with A. I technology which provides max forgiveness from the overall face. It comes with a jailbreak system in which two bars connect its crown’s head and sole providing stability to the club face and transferring more energy to the ball at the time of impact resulting in high launch speed and more distance.

While testing the average ball speed by rouge ST 133.9 mph and the average carry distance is 209 yards. The combination of speed, accuracy, and length would make it one of the strong contenders for forgiveness and distance.

Callaway Rouge ST Max Features

  • Fastest Wood Ever-: With its high MOI head design, Callaway provides max speed and distance.
  • A.I.-designed Jailbreak System-: Two rods combine the bottom and up of the club head that optimizes its stability and speed.
  • Tungsten Speed Cartridge-: Callaway has placed 27g of tungsten weight that lower its COG and provides more ball speed and low spin.
  • A.I. face optimization-: Rouge ST max’s Club face is Designed with artificial intelligence that increases ball launch speed and increases carry distance.
  • C300 steel Face Construction-: Its club face is made with C300 steel specially processed to provide consistency and speed across the face.
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Cobra LTDx

Cobra LTDx

Length: 43″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 58° | Swing Weight: D3 | Loft: 13.5°- 16.5°

Cobra LTDx not only has a beautiful and compact design but is also equipped with one of the cobra’s latest technologies like POW-COR, and HOT Face technology. It comes with a forged carbon crown that makes its head lightweight and increases its MOI. They have placed a 12g of weight low and forward in the sole that increases the ball’s speed and distance. This weight also gives it shot shaping ability. Its club face is designed with machine learning that will increase the sweet spot and maximize its forgiveness.

The cobra Ltd club is made with PWR-COR technology that gives it more stability and reduces the chances of slicing the ball. Hence it is a great club for amateurs who tend to slice the ball more. It is also a great option for mid-handicap players who prefer both forgiveness and shot workability.

Cobra LTDx Features

  • Power-Cor Technology-: Its club head is made with multiple materials that low its COG and improve ball speed and distance.
  • HOT Face Technology-: Cobra LTDx face club is designed with A. I and machine learning increase the ball speed and forgiveness over the face of the club.
  • Lightweight Carbon Crown-: its carbon crown is made with carbon which makes it lightweight and lowers further lowers its COG.
  • Fixed Back Weighting-: 12g weight is added to the back of the club which increases ball speed and flight.
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Length: 43.25″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 59° | Swing Weight: D3 | Loft: 15°

The TaylorMade SIM 2 Max came with a large face to avoid mishits and provides you max forgiveness. Its new V-Sole design features a V steel frame that distributes the impact force equally in the club head and produces a good sound at the impact. There is no big change in SIM 2 Max then its previous versions but with the added weight on the back, it gives more ball speed, more distance, and higher forgiveness. Its crown is forged with 6-layer carbon which further reduces its weight. 

SiM 2 Max came with a twist face technology that doesn’t allow it to twist on miss-hits and keeps the club faces straight. Hence, they are a good option for amateurs or average players who tend to slice the ball more. While on our testing the average carry distance of sim 2 max is 205 yards and the average ball speed is 132.5 mph. it came with a through speed pocket that increases the club face flexibility resulting in high ball speed and high launch angle of the golf ball. 

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Features

  • Multi-Material Construction -: they have made a TaylorMade sim 2 max club head with multiple materials and precisely place their weight lower in the club which increases its ball speed and forgiveness.

  • V-steel Design-: Sim 2 Max v-steel design equally distributes the weight and impact in the entire club head optimizes its forgiveness and lowers its COG.
  • Twist Face Technology-: its club face is designed with twist face technology that keeps its face straight even on mishits.
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket-: thru speed pocket is designed to increase club face flexibility that results in increased ball speed and distance.
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Titleist TSr2

Titliest TSR2

Length: 43″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 56.5°- 58° | Swing Weight: D3| Loft: 8°- 11°

Titleist TSr2 provides the best combination of speed and distance which is appealing to a wide range of golf players. Its club face is made with ATI 425 Titanium and Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness Design which provides max forgiveness at every point of impact. Its club head comes in 190cc size which is bigger than most of the club heads which makes it easy to hit longer shots. TSr2 crown is made with carbon which makes it lightweight and its aerodynamic design smooths the flow of air resulting in lighter and faster club head spin.

A tungsten weight is added at the back of the club head which results in more launch speed and less ball spin. However, TSr2 only comes in 8° to 11° Loft which makes it less appealing for a wide variety of players. This wood is a great choice to hit over the tee. It is a very forgiving wood however in our opinion, there are woods in the market that provides more forgiveness than TSr2. 

Titleist TSr2 Features

  • Ultra-Low, Face-Centered CG -: its club head is designed in a way that lower its CG to a minimum level which decreases ball spin and increases ball distance and speed.
  • Open Hosel Construction -: TSr2 club head is constructed in a way that removes its unwanted weight that increases ball speed and distance.
  • Player-Tuned Performance -: Titleist engineers tuned TSr2 in a way that not only enhances its sound and feels but also provides good ball flight.
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Length: 43″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 58° | Swing Weight: D1 | Loft: 13°- 16°

Cobra rad XB should be on your list of testing if you are going to buy wood in the market. It comes in three variants but XB is the most forgiving and thus best suitable for amateurs and average players. The Radspeed’s club has large footprints thus providing max forgiveness and shot distance. The sound and feeling of impact are really solid and powerful.

I love the looks of cobra RAD XB with its color combo and matt black finish with not so many graphics and simple and sleek design. its wrap-around face helps in framing the ball nicely. When I tested cobra Rad XB I am amazed to see that most of my swings go for draws

Cobra Rad Speed Features

  • Radial Weighting Technology-: its manufacturers strategically placed weight in a position that lowers its COG and increases ball speed and forgiveness.
  • CNC Milled Infinity Face-: Rasheed’s club face offers an infinity-edge face design that increases its sweet spot by 95%
  • Thin-Ply Carbon Crown-: its crown is made with thin-ply carbon that reduces its weight by 6 grams increasing its swing speed and optimizing its CG lower.
  • Hollow Split Rails-:  Radspeed offers hollow split rails that maximize its flex by 70% which increases ball speed and distance.
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Length: 43″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 57.5° | Swing Weight: D3 | Loft: 13.5°- 15°

Srixon Claims that this is the most advanced club they have ever built so far. Its club crown is made with a carbon crown that further reduces its weight resulting in increased MOI and forgiveness. Its Club came with a rebound frame which transfers more energy to the ball resulting in high ball speed and increases distance. 

In our opinion, this fairway wood is a great choice for high handicappers who want a nice blend of forgiveness and distance. they have added a tungsten weight to the sole of the club which lowers the ball spin and increases the ball speed. 

Srixon ZX Features

  • REBOUND FRAME- its engineers add second layers of flexibility in the frame, increasing ball speed and distance.

  • Cannon Sole -: Srixon has added weight in the club sole which maximizes the ball speed and launch speed.

  • Carbon Crown -: ZX crown is made with carbon that reduces its weight and increases club spin speed and forgiveness.

  • Crown Step -: its stepped crown increases its MOI and Lowers COG which further optimizes its forgiveness and distance.
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Length: 43.125″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 57.5° | Swing Weight: D1 | Loft: 13.5°- 15°

Cleveland Launcher XL comes with a bigger club head which provides more forgiveness and high ball speed resulting in the max distance. its lightweight shaft, nice forgiving head, and beautiful design, I had to say that it is ideal for a wide range of players with a moderate swing. There are two Guide Rails at the club sole which help you to keep your club head straighter which is a similar concept to cobra woods.

During our testing of launcher xl, we found out that its super light shaft results in a fast swing which increased the ball speed and distance. Its head is designed to offer decent forgiveness and a higher spin rate that keeps the ball in the air for a longer time. With their low price, they are perfect for players who have budget issues and still want a driver that competes with famous brands like TaylorMade and Callaway

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Features

  • XL Head Design-: Bigger head design increases its MOI resulting in max forgiveness and high launch speed.
  • Gliderail -: two rails are drawn on the club’s sole, which helps you keep your club head straight.
  • Rebound Frame-: Launcher XL’s frame is flexible and increases ball speed and distance by directing more impact energy toward the golf ball.
  • Action Mass CB-: they have placed weight inside the grip to make it more controllable and easily swingable.
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Length: 43″ | Hand Orientation: LH/RH | Lie: 57° | Swing Weight: D2, D4 | Loft: 15°

The one thing that I love the most about the Callaway big bertha B21 is its large profile and oversized bertha design which provides smooth turf interaction and makes it easy to strike the ball well. With the big bertha, you will get a balanced mixture of forgiveness and distance. its club face is made with advanced AI technology and titanium which transfer more energy of the impact to the ball resulting in max forgiveness and high ball speed.

It comes with a bigger offset which reduces the risk of slicing the ball and ensures straighter hits. During our testing, it completely comes down to our hopes. Callaway Big Bertha is a great club for mid and high-handicappers who want a more forgiving and easy-to-hit club. 

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Features

  • Easy to Hit -: its big size face and smooth turf interaction make it easy to hit the ball
  • Bigger offset-: they have added a more offset to Big Bertha club face that reduced the chances of slicing the ball and ensure straight hits.
  • Advanced Flash Face SS21 and jailbreak system-: its advance Artificially designed Club face and jailbreak system combined increases ball speed and distance.
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Buying Guide

Golf mostforgiving 3 woods are an important part of any golfer’s club set, as they can change your game all the way around and are used to hit long shots on the fairway and off the tee. Here are some factors that you should while purchasing golf wood.


The loft of a golf club refers to the angle of the face of the wood. Loft affects the trajectory and distance of the shot. Lower lofted woods will have a flatter trajectory but the ball will travel more distance, while woods with higher lofts hit the ball to a higher trajectory and the ball will travel less distance. Choose the loft based on your personal preference and the type of shots you want to hit.

Shaft type:

Golf woods normally come in two shaft options steel and graphite shaft. Steel shafts are heavy and rigid that provide a more solid feel and control. on the other hand, graphite shafts are flexible and lighter than steel shafts which offer more power and control. If you are a more feel player then you should go for a steel shaft but if you want power and control then a graphite shaft is the best option for you.

Head shape:

The head shape of a golf wood not only affects its appearance but also its performance. The wood is divided into three types depending.

Blades: have a compact head design and are used for distance and control.

Mid Mallet: they have a head size between a blade and mallet and offer both control and forgiveness

Mallet: this is the largest head size and provides forgiveness and prefers by players


Forgiveness is a key factor, especially for beginners and mid-handicappers as they often hit miss hits. Woods of different brands come with different shapes and features so their forgiveness is also different. As a general thumb of rule is that you should purchase woods of big head size they are more forgiving. However, in my opinion, TaylorMade stealth and Mizuno ST-Z are the most forgiving woods available in the market.

Brand and model:

Brands do affect the quality and performance of wood as big brands mostly make premium and state-of-the-art clubs. You should research the market and know which model meets your requirement and is within your price range.


Price affects your buying decision. As if you are a golf player who has a budget problem then you are not gonna purchase premium wood. Mostly premium golf wood has a price range from $100 to over $500. However, there are some models that provide the best value even for a low price. First, you have to Decide your budget and consider what features are most important to you before making a purchase.


If you are a golf player who is below 10-handicap and wants a wood that provides max forgiveness and is easy to hit a shot then Callaway Big bertha and Cobra LTDx are my suggestion for you. However, if you are a high to mid-handicap golf player and wants a fairway wood that provides forgiveness as well as shot workability then TaylorMade stealth, Mizuno ST-Z, and Callaway Rouge ST Max are my suggestion for you. 

We have discussed above our top 10 picks of fairway wood that we think are the most forgiving. However, the choice of fairway wood depends on your gameplay and personal preferences. You should test a Fairway wood and consider all the buying factors that we have to describe above before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fairway wood?

Fairway wood is a miniature driver form with a higher loft and compact head design and smaller shafts. They are not as forgiving as drivers but they are used to hitting straight shots.

What is the difference between 3-wood, and 5-wood?

The only difference between 3-wood and 5-wood is the loft the 3-wood has a loft between 15 to 18 on the other hand 5-wood has a loft of 20 to 22 degrees. The higher the loft of the wood the shorter the ball travel.

Choosing the right 3 wood?

Choosing the right fairway wood depends on your gameplay if you are a newbie and wanted a fairway wood that is forgiving and easy to hit you should go for the Big Bertha and Cobra LTDx. On the other hand, If you are an average player and want a fairway wood that provides forgiveness and game improvement features.

What are the Most forgiving 3-wood for High handicaps?

In our opinion, the most forgiving kind of three wood for the high handicapper are the Callaway rouge st max and TaylorMade Big Bertha which provide maximum forgiveness and easy to hit the ball.
Our top three picks for 20 handicaps are Mizuno JPX921 Forged, Wilson D9 Forged, and Callaway Apex DCB.

What are the Most Forgiving 3-wood for Mid Handicaps?

Mid handicappers need a fairway wood that provides maximum forgiveness as well as game improvement features. We recommend the TaylorMade stealth or Mizuno ST-Z fairway 3-wood which provides maximum distance and forgiveness.

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