Albatross in Golf the Dream of Every Golfer

Albatross in Golf

The world of golf is filled with many confusing golf score Terms like birdie, bogey, and eagle and Albatross is one of them. Albatross in golf also known as a double eagle is a score of three strokes under par on a single hole. This means that a player completes a hole in 3 shots on a par 5 hole. This is so rear achievement that only a few lucky people in history have achieved it Albatross in Golf the Dream of Every Golfer.

I believe that to become an albatross, you must have both exceptional skills and luck. That’s why to this day it remains a dream for most golfers around the world. This feat is so difficult and rare that one of the famous golfers Tiger Woods has not made an albatross yet. This also shows how much exceptional skill and good fortune you must have to become an albatross. In this article, we will talk about albatross its history and how you can achieve it Albatross in Golf the Dream of Every Golfer.

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What is Albatross and how does it differ from other scores?

As we have discussed above an “albatross” is a score of three strokes under par on a single hole. For example, if a player gets the ball in the hole in just two strokes on a par-5 hole, then they have scored an albatross. A Par in golf stands for a predetermined number of strokes that a golfer is expected to need to complete a hole. It is determined by the length and difficulty of the hole. Normally Par 5 ranges from 470 to 600 yards and Par 4 around 350 to 470 yards Albatross in Golf the Dream of Every Golfer.

Albatross is a more exceptional and rarer score than a birdie, eagle, or even bogey and double bogey. As you have to make a hole in 3 strokes less than a par this makes it a less common and most difficult achievement. Let’s compare it with other achievements.

On a par 5 hole, you have a score of,

  • A Birdie if you have completed the hole in 4 strokes.
  • An Eagle if you have completed the hole in 3 strokes.
  • An Albatross if you have completed the hole in 2 strokes.
  • A Bogey if you have completed the hole in 6 strokes.
  • A Double bogey if you complete the hole in 7 strokes.

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What Does it Take to Achieve an Albatross in Golf?

Scoring an Albatross in golf is quite a difficult task and requires a combination of skill, precision, and luck. Due to this level of difficulty its name is derived from the bird name which is known for its impressive wingspan and ability to fly for long distances with minimal effort. However, at the same time, achieving albatross represents a remarkable accomplishment for any golfer.

To achieve this feat, you must have,

a deep understanding of the course, which includes its layout, hazards, and even weather conditions.
Secondly, exceptional skills in striking the ball for an accurate long-distance, and perfect short game to avoid any hazards.

Third and the most important thing is that you must have the ability to read the greens to judge the speed and direction of the ball for a perfect put.

The fourth one is precision so you must hit each shot with great accuracy and control, especially when attempting a long shot over water or other hazards.

The last and most important factor in my opinion is luck when aiming for an albatross. Even the most skilled and experienced players fail to score albatross. So, you must have some luck in hitting long shots and long putts.

Some Notable Albatrosses

Albatross is a rear score even for experienced golfers. Here are some notable players who have scored an albatross in professional golf:

Gene Sarazen, 1935 Masters Tournament: Sarazen is credited with hitting the “shot heard round the world” when he scored an albatross on the par-5 15th hole during the final round of the Masters. The shot helped him come from behind to win the tournament.

Bruce Devlin, 1970 Houston Open: Devlin scored an albatross on the par-5 17th hole during the second round of the tournament. It was the first albatross ever recorded on the PGA Tour.

Jeff Sluman, 1992 PGA Championship: Sluman scored an albatross on the par-5 11th hole during the final round of the PGA Championship. The shot helped him tie for third place in the tournament.

Here are some other golf players who have scored albatross.

Number of Player Year Tournament No. of Par
Phil Mickelson 2010 Masters Tournament par-5
Louis Oosthuizen 2012 Master’s Tournament par-5
Shaun Micheel 2007 Valero Texas Open par-5
Trey Mullinax 2017 TPC San Antonio par-5
Louis Oosthuizen 2012 Masters Tournament par-5
Brooks Koepka 2019 CJ Cup in South Korea par-5
Padraig Harrington 2008 British Open par-5
Martin Kaymer 2010 Master’s Tournament par-5


Albatross in golf is the most difficult accomplishment even for professional players. Only a few players in professional golf have achieved this incredible feat. From Gene Sarazen’s famous “shot heard round the World” at the 1935 Masters to Louis Oosthuizen’s incredible albatross. That’s why Hitting an Albatross is one of the most amazing and unforgettable movements for the golfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is a condor in golf?

A condor in golf is one of the most difficult and rear achievements. it is a score of four strokes under par in a single hole. only a few people in the history of golf have ever achieved this. It occurs on a par-5 hole where a player hits a hole-in-one or on a par 6 hole where the player completes a hole in 2 strokes.

how to get an albatross in golf?

Getting a score of albatrosses is quite a rare and difficult task. However, to achieve this feat you must have a deep understanding of the course, exceptional skills in hitting a long-distance shot, and a little bit of luck.

how many albatrosses are in the golf?

Albatross in golf is a rare achievement, and only a few players have accomplished it. As statistics on albatrosses are begun to tracked in tournaments so, it is difficult to determine an exact number. However, according to the European Tour's official website, there are a total of 153 albatrosses recorded on the European Tour since its inception in 1972 and On the PGA Tour, there have been a total of 117 albatrosses recorded.

why is it called an albatross in golf?

it is not clear when the term albatross started but it is believed to have originated in the early 1900s in the United Kingdom. At that time the terms birdie and eagle has already been introduced. so, they have given the name of the albatross to score three strokes under par by following that bird name convention.

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