Amazing Golf Putting Tips That Make You A Pro Golf Player

Amazing Golf Putting Tips
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Putting is a different game, in my opinion, it’s a game within a game because Putting requires different tips and tricks you can’t move your arms and body as you do in the drive shot. That is the reason that you see a player that’s good at driving the ball does not mean that he is also good at putting. At first, putting seems to be very easy all you need is to put that ball in the hole in fewer possible shots but it is a very challenging task and you became frustrated if you cannot manage it.

However, putting is an important factor to lower your score and move from a high handicap to a low handicap player. The pro players just see the hole roll the ball and put it in the hole. I am a professional golf player that is playing the golf for previous 7 years and I have played with some great players. In this article, we will go through the best golf putting tips used by professional players and will help you become one of them.

Best Putting Tips

Step 1: Correct Your Stance

The key to a great putting shot is your stance. If your stance is not correct you will not be able to hit a proper putting shot or in the worst case your shot will deviate from the putting hole. I will guide you step by step on how to stand properly.

First, stand straight and open your legs making a V. makes sure that your hips are aligned with the ankles properly. Then connects your hand and bend your elbows to form your second V. make sure to keep these both V while bending or making a shot.

correct your stance
Correct your stance

Now bend over in a way that your hand and shoulders and knees and hips are aligned and keep your elbow just enough close to your body. If your elbows overlap with your body too much, it will lock your arms and you will be forced to move your wrists, leading to a bad putting shot. Then Your eyes and head should be directed on the ball while bending.

Hold the putting grip correctly

Step 2: Hold the putting grip correctly

The next step is to hold your grip. Holding a putter grip is slightly different from other clubs. In the case of putters, you have to hold the grip a little bit more upright running down your hand. This will help you to lock the putter in your hand and keeps the club face square which will lead to a solid roll.

Hold the putting grip correctly

Step 3: Read the distance

This is a very important step you have to feel the distance. see your target with your eyes or even walk to it to have an idea or feel of the distance. by doing this you will know how much force you should put in your shot. Now you will need to imagine the path of your shot making an apex. Now don’t try to aim for the apex but instead try to shoot the ball a little wider than the apex line in this way your shot will keep on your imagined path. This trait will come only to you with practice. You can even practice without a hole.

Read the distance

Step 4: Make the shot

Now the last but not least step is to make a putting shot. The first key to hitting a good shot is to keep your body stable. Don’t bend or move your body and your wrists while playing the shot just move your arms like a pendulum. You can fix a stick with your leg while attempting to hit a shot this exercise will keep your body firmer.

Make the shot

Second thing is to keep your putter head lower to the ground like a pendulum and makes sure that when the putter hits the ball its face is down. This will help you to keep the ball on the ground and make a consistent roll. now just try to end your shot where your front foot is don’t move the putter further than that.

Pendulum path of the putter
where your shot ends
Pendulum path of the putter​
where your shot ends​

Now all you need is to practice, practice, and practice. So that your stance and hitting ability become polished.
Here are some other Golf putting techniques that will help you perfect your putting shot.

Mind Game

Putting is all about the mind even before you take a stance you have to think about the distance from the hole, how much force you have to apply to the shot, the swing length, and the direction in which you have to roll the ball. Your mind thinks about all these factors and they come with practice and hard work.

Create a pendulum

Remember you don’t have to move your club backward as you do in other shots instead putting is all about distance control. You have to move your arms like a pendulum just move your arm a little backward and try to roll the ball while keeping your club closer to the ground. The backward movements of your club depend on the distance of your ball from the putting hole.

Spot the target

Don’t try to look at the ball for too long because that will make you hit a bad putt. Instead, you should look at the spot that’s in front of your ball. This will help you to target a direct line that leads to the hole and smoothly rolls the ball toward the hole.

Roll the ball not lift

The key to great putting is to roll the ball not hit and lift the ball. If you try to hit and lift the ball there are strong chances that you will miss your putt. For a great ball roll, you have to take an open stance and put your weight slightly on the left side, stand still, and don’t make unnecessary movements. Try to keep your putter close to the ground while rolling the ball. I recommend using a 4-degree loft putter that will help you roll the ball.

Don’t move your wrists

You have to keep your wrist straight and steady throughout your hitting because good putting only requires how much force you apply and what is the ball-hitting trajectory. Moving the wrist can cause problems like moving the ball in a different direction, can vary your hitting force, and can also move your club face.

Putter face direction

You have to aim your putter face correctly cause your golf ball will move in the same direction in which your putter face is pointing. The golf ball path is greatly influenced by your putter’s face direction. Before making a shot and settling at the grip, you have to aim your putter face well.

Develop your own technique

There are not some hard and fast rules in putting techniques you should practice all the key points that we have told you about and try to develop your putting technique. However, you should follow some basic principles to become a great putter. The key focus of your practice should be that you have to develop a putting technique that you are comfortable with.

Practice like a pro

You have to practice like you are playing the game. It is important to repeat one shot to perfect it but you should practice different types of shots in different lines. This type of practice will make you a pro player and prepare you for a different kind of situation. Try to practice in challenging areas and challenging situations will help you a lot.

Get feedback

sometimes a little feedback from pro players helps you to remain on track and will provide you guidance on how to tackle different situations. I strongly recommend that you should consult a professional who will provide you with guidance and makes sure that your practice bears fruit. If you are getting feedback from a professional player, you will evolve a lot faster as compared to if you are playing alone.


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