The Best Guide for golfers on Rent a golf club in 2023

Best Guide for Golfers on Rent a Golf Club

Can You Rent Golf Clubs?

Yes! If you are thinking to rent golf clubs on vacation and don’t know how to. Don’t worry I will guide you step by step on how you can rent golf clubs from golf courses or online websites.

You are planning to travel or have to go on a business trip and don’t want to miss your golf game. However, you cannot purchase new clubs there due to cost and can’t bring your own clubs due to customs and taxes or fear of damaging your clubs. Don’t worry you can always rent golf clubs from golf courses or online websites. Renting golf clubs are quite cheap than buying new ones or traveling with your own clubs.

In this article, I will guide you through everything about renting golf clubs where you can rent them from, how to rent them, and whether you should buy or rent clubs. First, let’s take a look at the comparison of renting a golf club vs traveling with your own clubs.

Traveling with your clubs

  • Traveling with your clubs costs you around 40 to 50 percent of its total price including customs and other taxes.
  • You have to carry extra weight and even take the risk of damaging your clubs.
  • Taking your clubs with you makes sure that your clubs are top-notch and match your gameplay.
  • There is no such problem with the club’s availability as you are carrying your own.

Renting golf clubs

  • Renting golf clubs cost you around $30 to $80 which is quite low than purchasing or bringing your own clubs.
    No fear of damaging golf clubs
  • The clubs you found may not be in good condition or don’t match your gameplay
  • In some areas golf courses don’t rent golf equipment

Different Golf Club Rentals Near Me

Now we take a look at different golf rentals service like putter rental service, driver rental service, wood rental service, etc. Where to rent golf clubs, their benefits, and drawbacks.

Method 1: Renting from Golf Course

The first option on our list is to rent golf clubs from the golf courses themselves. This is the simplest method all you need to do is just go there pay the rent fee and enjoy the game. However, some golf courses don’t rent golf clubs or don’t rent to nonmembers. Also keep in mind that you may have to book them in advance or if they are given on a first come first serve basis then, you have to reach early.

How Much Does It Cost to rent golf clubs at a golf course?

Renting Golf Clubs from Golf courses usually costs you between $50 to $100 per 18 holes depending on the golf course and club type. However, it is still too much cheap than buying it yourself. Here are some golf courses with rental clubs Service.

  • Prestwick Golf Group
  • NC Golf Resort
  • Myrtle Beach Golf Trip


  • Don’t have to worry about damaging your clubs.
  • Cheaper than purchasing new ones.
  • Renting fee drops if you rent more than one day


  • Clubs may be outdated or don’t match your gameplay
  • Clubs availability issue

Method 2: Renting from Online Websites

Apart from golf courses, there are many online websites from which you can rent golf clubs. They provide clubs at your desired location whether at your hotel or your golf course and pick them up after you have enjoyed your game. In my opinion, this is the best way to rent golf clubs. Many online platforms provide you with club rental services like ClubHub, ClubsToHire, Orlando, and Club Lender.

How to rent clubs from online platforms

  1. Select your destination
  2. Then Your pickup and drop-off date
  3.  Lastly, Add your personal information and billing method.

Here is a Price and service comparison of different online websites.

Name Location Price
ClubHub All over the USA $75 first day
$20 for every additional day
ClubsToHire The USA and some countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe $40 per day the first week $10 per day after a week
Club lender All Over the USA $40 per day


  • clubs will arrive at your desired location.
  • Don’t have to bother about picking and taking your clubs.
  • A cheaper option for the long term.
  • Can select the golf set of your choice.


  • You may deliver damaged clubs.
  • Costly for one or two days.
  • Clubs you acquire may not match your gameplay.

Method 3: Online shipping service

The only problem with renting clubs is that you don’t get the clubs of your choice. You can ship your clubs to your destination before your arrival. However, this method is quite expensive. There are many online websites that can ship your clubs to any destination like Sendmybag, ship sticks, and my baggage. All you need to tell them your arrival date and they will send your clubs ahead of your arrival and on the way back.

How to Ship Your clubs with online shipping service

  1. choose your location, and destination, and get a quote
  2. Now select the date of collection and delivery
  3. Then add your personal information and do the payment

Here is a look at the different shipping services and their price.

Name Location Price
Sendmybag $200 for 2-3 days All Over The world
Shipsticks $184 for 1 day All Over the world
My baggage $230 for 2-3 days All Over the world


  • Don’t have the risk of carrying or damaging your club.
  • You don’t have to worry about clubs and whether they match your gameplay or not.


  • Not a budget-friendly option

When should I rent golf clubs?

There are some situations in which renting a golf club is more beneficial than purchasing or traveling with your clubs.

  •  Renting golf clubs on vacation or business trip
    it is wise to rent clubs while going on a vacation or business trip. As it will cost you less and you don’t take the risk of damaging or losing your club. However, if you are a golfer who is comfortable playing with his clubs then you should consider shipping service.
  • Going with your friends first time
    When you are a beginner and just started to hang out with your golfer friends you can rent golf clubs. As for golf club rental prices are much lower than purchasing a new one. Your friends can also share their clubs with you but if you want to save from the hassle of giving and taking and wants to enjoy every shot then you should rent golf clubs.
  • Before purchasing a new golf set
    If your club is worn out and you are planning on purchasing a new one then you should rent different clubs on the golf course and try to see which club set best suits you. This is the best option than just going out there and purchasing a new set without knowing anything.


I hope that I have given all of the answers to your questions about what are the best options to rent a golf club, whether you should rent one, or in which conditions it is beneficial to rent a golf club. You should rent a golf club while traveling as it is much cheaper and you don’t have to worry about carrying extra weight and losing or damaging your clubs. But be assured to check the availability of clubs in case you are renting from a golf course or rent from online websites.

Frequently asked question

Do golf courses sell rented golf clubs?

yes, golf courses also sell rented clubs and you can find them at cheap prices. However, I did not recommend this method as they are pretty drawn out and may not serve you for a long time.

Best ways to rent golf clubs?

In my opinion, the best way to rent golf clubs is to rent them from online websites. As good online websites have premium clubs to lend at a reasonable price. However, check first that are they providing service where you are going.

How to rent golf clubs on vacation?

Nowadays, most golf courses rent clubs so you can play with the clubs of your choice. But if the clubs are not available or they are not providing renting service you can also use online golf renting services like club hub or club share.

how much does it cost to rent golf clubs?

Renting from golf course will cost you between $50 to $100 per 18 holes depending on the golf course and club type. You can also rent golf clubs from online websites which will cost you around $40 per day.

Do You Need Your Own Clubs To Play Golf

No, you don’t need to have your own golf clubs to play golf. There are many Golf Courses and Online Platforms that rent golf clubs . You can also lend golf clubs from your friends. Renting clubs is the most simple and convenient option for players who are new or don’t play regularly.

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